View Full Version : Eleven-month-old boy accidentally dials 9-1-1 and gets dad arrested

01-23-09, 12:52 PM
WHITE ROCK, B.C. - A B.C. man probably wishes he had given his 11-month-old son a set of keys to play with instead of a phone, after the infant accidentally dialled 9-1-1 and brought police to dad's...

Zulu 36
01-23-09, 01:57 PM
Stuff happens.

I had a similar case where a neighbor reported a possible B&E in progress. We made the run, found the front door unlocked and open (turned out the caller never saw someone boot the door, just saw it open and assumed a B&E).

We went in to check for B&E men (as cops are allowed to do) and found crack and heroin bindles laying out on the kitchen table. No one was home and we arrested the occupant when he came back, as well as searching the rest of the house (pursuant to a duly sworn search warrant). Got some cash and guns out of the deal too.

Neighborhood Watch strikes again!

Sgt Leprechaun
01-25-09, 07:29 AM
This is what happens when you are a stoner without a clue....