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06-17-03, 03:41 AM
Poll: World Hostile to U.S.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Nearly two-thirds of respondents to an international poll sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation say they have an unfavorable opinion of George W. Bush. Asked who is the more dangerous to world peace and stability, the United States was rated higher than al-Qaida by respondents in both Jordan (71 percent) and Indonesia (66 percent).
Furthermore, America was rated more dangerous than two countries considered as "rogue states" by Washington.

The U.S. was rated more dangerous in the eleven-country survey than Iran -- by people in Jordan, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea and Brazil, and more dangerous than Syria -- by respondents in Canada, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Russia, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

The countries rounding out the eleven include: Australia, Israel and the United States. The survey, conducted for the BBC by ICM and other international pollsters, gauged opinion towards U.S. military, economic, cultural and political influence.

Other results -- to be aired this week as part of a U.K. television program “What the World Thinks of America” -- include:

Over half the sample felt that the U.S. was wrong to invade Iraq. This included 81 percent of Russian respondents, and 63 percent of the French response.

Thirty-seven percent thought it right to invade, including 54 percent of the U.K. response, 74 percent of the U.S. response and 79 percent of the Israeli sample.

Seventy per cent of the group as a whole thought the U.S. could do more to prevent civilian casualties -- with the majority in each country, excepting the United States, saying that more could be done, including 73 percent of respondents in the U.K., 74 percent in France and 57 percent in Israel.

Seventy percent of the American respondents said other countries did not appreciate how much America does to avoid civilian casualties.

The sample showed negative attitudes about American initiatives, such as the war on terrorism and U.S. efforts in the Middle-East.

Attitudes towards America as a whole were polled and showed that 50 percent expressing fairly or very favorable views, as opposed to 40 percent unfavorable views. (Figure excludes Americans polled.)

All the poll interviews were carried out during May and June 2003


06-17-03, 03:43 AM
I like the BBC's un-biased reporting, too. Don't you?

06-17-03, 03:48 AM
Just letting anyone know whats being said!

06-17-03, 03:49 AM
I'm sorry, brother! That was sarcasm! LOL.

and yes, ya gotta know yer enemies!

awhile back I posted nearly everything there was to know about ANSWER and the WWP, myself! :D

06-17-03, 04:49 AM
"World peace and stability" is pretty subjective these days! Going along with the status quo might be fine for some. Bin Laden would love that foriegn policy. Even Adolf had a good thing going before we stepped up to the plate and said "No more!"

They should have had a follow up question. "If the evil hoardes were rolling over your cities, who would your leaders in exile call on?"

06-17-03, 05:01 AM
I think that the respondent to ANY poll on ANY subject should be asked "WHY?" or "WHY NOT?" and be required to explain their position before their votes can be considered.

In many situations, a "No" vote should be followed up with the question, "And what would YOU have done?"

"Duh? I don't know." invalidates the poll response.

06-17-03, 06:46 AM
"The U.S. was rated more dangerous in the eleven-country survey than Iran -- by people in Jordan, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea and Brazil, and more dangerous than Syria -- by respondents in Canada, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Russia, South Korea and the United Kingdom. "

Jordan - where the Palestinian refugees range from 50,000 to 100,00 in number and depend on the government of the country to provide their food, lodging and medical care. OK - maybe the US support if the only democratic government in the region has something to do with that.

Indonesia - where the Islamic rebels forces threaten the government and its people on a daily basis - I am sure the pollsters only asked non-Muslims for their opinion.

Russia - who was involved in a pipeline deal with Saddam Hussein's government and whose own intelligence services has issued reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction as well as bio weapons. Not to mention the fact that in GW I and now, the Iraqi army was found to use Russian-made weapons.

South Korea - wake up and smell the coffee, folks. The North would have been over the DMZ a long time ago if the US had not committed troops over the last 50 years.

Brazil - whose economy has been almost bankrupt for the past 10 years and thinks having a yearly carnival in Rio makes up for it. Anyone ever heard of Brazil offering aid and technology to countries lately? They got coffee and bad money - and I have never heard of the Brazilian military offering to participate in any UN activities.

France - the country who helped Iraq build its nuclear reactor for "electicity", who sold missiles to the Iraqi government prior to GW I (and probably later, as well). The only reason it took the Wermacht 3 days to overrun Paris was that it was raining. How often does the US have to bow to French opinion to show appreciation of the work of Lafayette? Get over it!

Perhaps the cessation of foreign aid, cancellation of military assistance pacts, REAL review of applications for a visa to visit this "more dangerous" land of the free might have an impact on world opinion.

Folks would have to stay home and not be here.

Teddy Roosevelt had in right - the big stick works.

06-17-03, 09:06 AM
Over half the sample felt that the U.S. was wrong to invade Iraq. This included 81 percent of Russian respondents.
What about the Soviets invading much of Europe in the 50's Hungry, Poland, and Czechoslovakia in 1968.
How soon they forget.

63 percent of the French response.
Who cares what these ingrates have to say, we save their rear ends twice in the 20th century from their new friends...The German Republic.

Semper Fidelis but mad as hades in Northwest Indiana

06-17-03, 09:30 AM
These "nations" sure have a hard time hiding their jealousy!:banana:

06-17-03, 09:46 AM
It would be interesting to discover how many visa applications are received by citizens of each of the countries who voted against us.

I'm not quite sure exactly what could be done with the data, but it would still be interesting.

06-17-03, 10:17 AM
BBC News, who originated the original survey invited comments to their discussion page.

The following is MY submission to them.

11 Countries, including the United Kingdom voted against the U.S.

Does that mean that citizens of those countries will no longer be applying for visas or visiting or migrating to the U.S.?

What would be the reaction in those countries if the U.S. banned their citizens from the U.S.?

How many citizens from those counries who established residency in the U.S. have returned to their home countries recently?

In all fairness, shouldn't the poll have been restricted to those citizens of foreign countries who live in the U.S.?

After all, they have a better view of the U.S. than people who have never been there.

Roberto T. Cast
06-17-03, 12:11 PM
That's what we get for trying to help just about every nation on this earth. Cut the foriegn aid to the countries recieving it and see the polls change. Cut off all foriegn aid now and give it to our citizens.