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Cpl. Zack S. Jenner, budget analyst, 1st Marine Division comptroller, feels what it is like to have a takedown performed on him, giving him the chance to understand what his future opponent would feel.In countries ranging from Iraq to Brazil, on ships sailing the seas and at home, Marines hone their skills for all situations by perfecting their knowledge through martial arts classes around the globe.

Staff Sgt. Walter R. Vizcaino, subsistence chief, 1st Marine Division food services, is conducting one of these Marine Corps Martial Arts Programs here at the 11 Area field.

Battalion, has 20 students working toward their grey belt, five for their green belt, two for their brown belt and one making a bid for his black belt.
The students have been coming out since Jan. 5 from 10 a.m. until noon for the grueling five-day-a week training regiment.
Marines with different levels of MCMAP training have come together in this class to complete their individual belt requirements. As the students have different skill levels and amounts of training time, the Marines test independently of each other for their next belt.
According to Marine Corps Order 1500.54, to progress to the next belt level in the MCMAP program, Marines must correctly perform 90 percent of the techniques of their current belt, 70 percent of the belt they are trying to attain and complete a certain number of training hours depending on the level.
The class emphasizes proper techniques that must be used to effectively complete maneuvers, said Vizcaino.
“I’m taking the the class to advance my education and attain my black belt,” said Staff Sgt. Jose A. Espinoza, instrument repair technician, 1st Marine Division band.

“The main reason I’m out here is to help these Marines round out the last of their hours and get good remediation before they test out for their next belt,” he said. “The Marines who come to this course seem to enjoy working toward achieving their next belt.”
Vizcaino will continue to conduct this class until the Marines have all tested on the belt they are training to attain.