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01-21-09, 08:18 PM
I don't give myself to really emotional statements often, but on this I must be abit namby-pamby. It occured to me a few days ago as I stood for the colors exactly what that sound means...and what those colors stand for. It unites all of us under that one moment, when we pause and stand, rendering the appropriate honors. For me, it is a blessing, when I can feel the connection between me and the finest our brotherhood has ever offered. It is a sacred honor to be able to salute the flag of my nation and meditate on how much it, and my Corps, means to me.

In keeping with those sentiments, then, I've written the following. I hope it says what I wanted to say, which is that after all the bs and stupidity, the problems and the heart-ache, the fights and the dissapointments of every day life, I am proud...so proud, of my brother Marines, and the honor I have in standing beside them. I hope you enjoy it.

"Honor To The Colors"

The sound of the bugle fades slowly away
echoing off the dappled hills
it cries ring out, "remember, remember".

The sound dies out amidst the noises of the night
the Colors raised high now stored in sleep
But a young man still stands at attention
his heart is moved, his hands tightly gripped
his posture still, he strains to hear it
the sounds of "Colors"
still echoing through the hills. As it fades, so does his fear.
His love grows.

Somewhere, an old man still stands at attention
He hears the half-remembered names of memory
friends that remain forever young.
He salutes them. Their sacrifice still fresh, still sharp,
he sees them salute from another place. For a time they stand together
hearing the sound of "Colors" fading, fading away.

For a moment, all are joined; The guard at his post, chilled and alone,
the commander worn by cares and time, the tired recruit dreaming of glory,
the old man wounded in war and
the young man starting his story. Together, they stand, and honor the Colors
as the bugle call fades slowly away."
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01-21-09, 08:22 PM
very nice! Couldn't have said it better myself! Semper Fi!

01-21-09, 09:36 PM
Outstanding, Semper FI Brother.