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Military Salute: Navy Chaplain Lt. Garry Thornton

Posted: Jan 20, 2009 06:46 PM

Updated: Jan 20, 2009 06:59 PM

By Jaime Dailey -

PARRIS ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - A Navy Chaplain does his part to serve and guide Marines and Sailors at Parris Island.

Lt. Garry Thornton takes great pride in serving as a Navy Chaplain.

"It's an awesome privilege," said Lt. Thornton. "I count it as a real honor to be able to serve as a Navy Chaplain to be able to serve the young men and women of our armed services and so I'm very thankful for the opportunity."

Although Lt. Thornton has been in the ministry for years, his Navy career started just six years ago at the age of 37.

"I was thinking about going into the Air force Reserve route, but I was too old and so I was asked to consider the US Navy Chaplaincy and as I prayed about it and thought about it, it became very clear that was God's direction for me and my family," said Lt. Thornton.

While it took awhile to get here, serving our country has always been his dream.

"I was a military brat and from early on, being the son of an enlisted man in the US Air force, I had always wanted to be in the military but I had a problem with asthma when I was younger and that kept me out," said Lt. Thornton.

Now as the Chaplain for the base's Headquarters and Service Battalion on Parris Island, Lt. Thornton takes great pride in providing support for Marines and Sailors.

"I have the opportunity to encourage them and help them through difficult times they may have in life," said Lt Thornton. "It's a real unique opportunity. It's a privilege to be able to be so involved and to be given the opportunity to provide counseling and insight and wisdom to them."

For his service to our country, we at WTOC salute Lt. Garry Thornton.