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06-16-03, 11:18 AM
Jennifer Love Hewitt Joins VA as Celebrity Spokesperson

WASHINGTON (June 10, 2003) - Actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt
has teamed up with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Disabled
American Veterans (DAV) and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to promote
Veterans Day and youth volunteerism.

"We are excited to have Jennifer join VA as a national
spokesperson," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi.
"Jennifer shares VA's commitment to veterans and she's helping to spread the
news to America's youth about our courageous veterans."

Hewitt is best known to television audiences as "Sarah Reeves" in
the hit drama series "Party of Five." Most recently, she starred in the
feature film "Tuxedo" and is currently on tour promoting her fourth music

"I want to show the kids of America that veterans are not just
grandparents, uncles and aunts, they're our classmates, neighbors and
friends," Hewitt said. "Veterans deserve our utmost respect and admiration
for the sacrifices they have made for each and every one of us. I want to
bring their stories to the attention of those who need to understand that
freedom isn't free."

As National Honorary Spokesperson for Veterans Day, Hewitt will be
visiting VA medical centers and sharing the stories of veterans with
school-age children nationwide. She will also be involved in public service
announcements promoting awareness of veterans' issues.

After meeting recently with national leaders of DAV and VFW, Hewitt
announced she would partner with DAV to promote its national youth volunteer
program and with VFW to publicize its veterans in the classroom program.

"We welcome Jennifer Love Hewitt's involvement with the youth
volunteer program at VA medical facilities," said Edward R. Heath Sr.,
National Commander of the Disabled American Veterans. "Her enthusiasm for
veterans can serve to inspire other young people to help give back to those
who have given so much for all of us."

"Jennifer Love Hewitt's commitment to veterans reflects the true
spirit of today's generation of young people which is often overlooked or
wrongfully maligned," said John Senk Jr., National Adjutant General of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. "Jennifer will be an
outstanding spokesperson for VA's youth volunteer program and a terrific
role model for thousands of young Americans to emulate."

For additional information on the DAV and VFW programs, visit them
on the Web at <http://www.dav.org/> and <http://www.vfw.org/>.

For detailed information about Veterans Day, visit VA's Web site at