View Full Version : Metamorphosis

12-29-08, 12:21 PM
Having just emerged from it's cocoon a Monarch butterfly sits on a leaf,
it's wings spread wide so the sun can dry and stiffen them. In a few minutes, it will fly for the very first time.

Not very long ago it was a caterpillar eating it's weight in milkweed leaves.
I wonder if the caterpillar new it was going to be a butterfly when it closed itself up in it's cocoon, did it know a change a transformation, a
metamorphosis would take place?

Does the butterfly now sitting on the leaf remember it was a caterpillar?
or does it now have no memory of it's former life, and this is like a birth,
the only one it remembers.

When our time comes to leave this world, will a metamorphosis take place?
Will we come out the other side changed. Will we remember the life we left behind? And like the butterfly, will we also fly for the very first time?