View Full Version : Was anyone in Intelligence?

06-11-03, 11:52 AM
A friend of mine (girl) just went into boot and she enlisted in intelligence. Im kinda curious what she might be doing. Anyone that knows about this mos let me know.

06-11-03, 02:14 PM
There are many options within the 0200 field. At the line company level work would be done within the S-2 shop, providing the Company Commander with information from the regiment as to enemy strength and size. They are also responsible for providing weather reports to the C/C as well. The higher up they go the more they will be responsible for analysis. They would take the information provided from Recon units, STA plts and other units and dessiminate down to the various units in the field as well as to the Regiment Commanders or above. She can also break off into the Interrogator/Translator field of Intel which would require her to go the Defense Language School at the Presidio of Monterey(Army School). If she does get into speaking other languages she can also go to work (assigned) at the NSA at Ft. Meade, Maryland as an analyst and/or communications intercept specialist. So there is definitely a lot out there. I had changed my MOS to 0200 with the intent to go to Language school but I got out of the Corps due to marrying my ex-wife so I never got to go to my formal school. She will definitely enjoy doing the work. Besides being able to move onto other gov't work if that interests her.