View Full Version : ID card for young dependent

12-25-08, 02:49 PM
First off Merry Christmas and thanks for any help.

My sister-in -law asked me this question I told her I would try to get an answer.

Her daughter is married to an active duty Marine ,they are separated and on friendly terms.The daughter is joining the Army .My brother and sister-in -law are going to have guardianship of the toddler.

Now for the problem.My brother and SIL are being told by both of the parents that a ID card for the child is being mailed for her.They have been paying the medical bills (just normal stuff) out of their pocket.

Is this how it works now?I know under normal circumstances children do not get one till about 10.

I know he can get in trouble for not caring for his family but that is not what this is about .
Thanks Mike