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06-05-03, 04:46 PM
I kept a journal of what happened each day at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. I share this with you more for my benefit than anything else but if you're interested feel free to read on.

1 June, 2003
I got to NASS yesterday around 11:30 but had no time to report so I'll fill you in on the events thus far. I'm Candidate Jacobson of Alpha Company, Platoon Three, Squad One. Upon arrival I was issued five Summer Seminar t-shirts. Two are green for PT and the others are various colors for us to wear on the respective company color day. I was also issued a USNA cover (baseball cap), a canteen (water bottle), winter PT gear (USNA sweats), a notebook and pen for classes and a folder full of my class schedule, Navy fight songs and rates which are fairly random facts about USNA we're to memorize.

After putting my stuff in my locker and locating the head (We have showers in our rooms but no toilets.) I was instructed to change into my company uniform, bring my cover, pin on my name tag and meet for formation. After formation was intramural sports. I played soccer. One of my squadmates spained his ankle -- I think it was because of that darn astroturf. After sports we went back to redbeach for formation and hen off to evening chow. Considering the mass amount of poeple they have to feed the food was pretty decent. Even though I have some weight to drop I was instructed not to worry about that while I was there and to eat as much as I felt I needed. When I come home I'll have the whole summer to work on weight and PFT.

Oh! How did I forget the assemby we had before evening chow! We heard from lots of important people. There was a video from the Superintendent and the Commadant. We heard from lots of officers there as faculty and saw some short movies about the Navy/Marine Corps team and the role of USNA.

After all that was drill, formation, and taps at 22:00.

Now ... today We were to meet in front of our squad leader's door at 6:05. My squadmate and I got up at 05:45 to have time to make our racks and change into PT gear. We went out to PT (Which was oh-so motivatin'! Gotta love it!), had twenty minutes for me and my two roommates to shower and get back to redbeach for formation. The colors were raised and we went in for morning chow.

Now I have free time until 12:05 to work on a bio my squad leader wants us all to write and memorize the rates and fight songs. I may head down to the Midshipmen's Store if I have time after I finish all my "homework". Whatever I do I'll leave at 11:55 so I arrive at my squad leader's door around 12:00; roughly five minutes early. I learned real quick never to be on time for anything. BE EARLY!

1 June, 2003

It's past lights-out so I need to make this fast. Overviews of today:
* We worked on some drill ... I'm picking it up.
* We had the PAE which I failed because I had no idea I had to do my FAH overhand. I can do it well underhand. Either way ... I'll improve and take it again.
* There was a career opportunities briefing. I, personally, wasn't helped much by it even though it was quite interesting. Most the time was spent on the SEAL and submarine options.

It's about 23:22 so I'm going to hydrate and then hit the rack because I need to be up at 05:15 for the PRT.

2 June, 2003

I really need to make this fast because revielle is at 05:15 again tomorrow. I'll outline the basic vents of the day and then tell you what's on my mind.

* PRT - I gave it my all; passed sit-ups an push-ups, didn't fall out duringthe run even though I felt like I'd throw up half the way.
* formations - nothing special to report
* workshops - I had intro to criminal justice (interesting field, boring professor), intro to economic reasoning ( great! fun! got to play PIT), Seamanship and Navigation (intro to Yard Patrol ... went on a nice ride, cool ship)
* drill - I'm FINALLY picking it up
* social time - cool to meet other people, enjoyed a couple hours of laid back activity

My thoughts:
I have two major things I'd like to cover. It's 23:07 and I seriously need to get into the rack so I'll be fast.
(1) My squad leader, Mr. Frantz, is a total joke. I respect his position but I'm having a hard time respecting him. He takes nothing seriously and brags about how he's been like this for two years, since he got his Letter of Assurance from USNA. He settles for just getting by and is rarely prepared. He was recruited by USNA to play lacrosse and it seems like that's all that's on his mind. When asked why he's at USNA he says he doesn't even know why himself. He says he got recruited to play and accepted the education because of its monetary value.
(2) I'm seriously beginning to consider whether or not USNA is for me. I love it here. I adore the campus, would be honored the study and PT with most of the midshipmen, and find the lifestyle to be rewarding. USNA is the only college I can think of that has an Honor Concept enforced by the midshipmen. I love it here. However, the issue arrises with my passion for the Marine Corps. While I value and respect the Navy I want to be comissioned no where but the Marine Corps. At USNA only 16.2% of the graduating class is permitted to be comissioned in the Marine Corps upon graduation. The rest go into the Navy. My mission is to an Officer of United States Marines. While doing so by earning a degree and comission from USNA would be a tremendous honor I'm not sure if I'm willng to take the risk of not making it into the Marine Corps. At the "moment" my "plant" is to apply for all three options: NROTC Scholarship Marine Option, USNA, and USMMA. From there we'll see what happens.

Whatever happens I'm going to one day be an Officer of United States Marines!

At 23:39 I wish you a good night, and God bless.

3 June, 2003

At the moment I'm half way through a sailing workshop. It's raining outside so we're just watching movies of sailing races. I'm writing because I'm so tire that if I just sit here I'll surely fall asleep, which is disrespectful.

Let's see ... events so far today:
* PEP this morning was with a Navy SEAL. Supposedly what we were doing was a SEAL workout, though I doubt it because I'm no PT stu but I was able to keep up. Well, I kept up except for the run. I didn't fall out but even though I was giving it my all I wasn't with my platoon at the end of the run.
* At present I'm in my third class for the day. The other workshops were titled Information Technology (IT) and Chemistry of Photography. IT was boring and I learned little. All courses are two hours in length and those were two long hours! The last few minutes of class we were permitted to surf the web. Chemistry of photography was

06-05-03, 04:47 PM
4 June, 2003

Whoa. Sorry about yesterday. I never had time to finish my sentence! As I was saying ... Chemistry of Photography was a fn workshop. I can't tell you that I now understand the chemistry of photography but I had a great time. I got to take pictures and develop them in a dark room.

On to today ... Today started off normally. PT. Breakfast. Workshops. I had an intro to a game called Fleet Command. There weren't enough computers so I didn't get to play but I used that time to talk with a Petty Officer that was teaching the course. He went into the Navy because he wanted to get away from home and liked the idea of being on a ship. He's not anti-Navy but he'll admit that while he's been in for almost nineteen years the Navy really isn;t where he wanted his career. After that was History Orientation. That was an interesting class. We learned the basic history of the Navy and a lot about the Navy in World War II. After that was noon chow and then was "C-trials". From noon chow until not long ago we were constantly physically active. Some things required teamwork, and lots of it! Right before our last rotation they fed us MREs. Those things are cool! That little bad that comes in there heats up your food ... TOO COOL! And the pound cake is yummy! The C-trials were optional because we're not yet property of Uncle Sam so we had a lot of people quit and fall out. I stuck through it and tried to keep my squadmates in as well. I learned a lot today ... a lot about myself and a lot about life. I jumped off a fifteen foot platform into the water ... something I've never done before. Granted, I never looked down, but I did it! I kepy my eye on the Marine Corps flag right in front of me on the wall an stepped off. After that it;s all over. You can't turn back when you're falling in the air. I learned how to accept help. None of us were going to get through today on their own. On the E-course I needed lots of help I continued to slip in the mud and had to grab the hands of my teammates for almost that entire course. I learned what it means to push yourself. After hours of swimming, running, and general PTing they wanted more. At that time several candidates dropped out but I stayed right there and did it, sounding off at the top of my lungs. They told me to get some and I got some!

Though there's still more to be said it's 23:22 and revielle is 05:15 for PT. I'm sorry to have to leave this place tomorrow. I'll return with renewed motivation and dedication and you can money (and you'd win) on me started my formal quest to prove I have what it takes (assuming I do) to earn the Title next year after graduation. Be it here, USMMA or ROTC I'll be doing it. I'm 2008 I'll be a proud Officer of Marines I eagerly await the day I can end a letter with "Semper Fi." Soon enough I'll have earned that right... Soon enough ...

There's still so much to say but it's 23:33 and I really must hit the rack. Good night and God bless.

5 June, 2003

Well, I'm home now. I loved my time at USNA. I wish I could say more but I'm afraid right now I have to get cleaned up to go to temple. I have services for my confirmation tonight and tomorrow morning. ... to think I was in mud this morning (You should see my sweats from yesterday! We were doing that muddy E-course, low crawling in mud, and then in the sand pit) and now I'm about to get in dress clothes.

... and there's the novel about the great time I had at NASS.

06-05-03, 05:56 PM

Glad to see you back......and have on hand Your Report I requested you deliver on arrival.....;) :D .....

Sharing your exprience to the fellow poolee' is well appreciated....by all......

Thank You,

The Drifter

06-05-03, 06:45 PM
Well done, kiddo! Welcome back.

Now work on the run and upper body strength and you'll have 'er whipped. Runnin' will take care of the weight. You'll find if you stay pretty active ( read: cardio-vascular), the weight will fall away and you can eat as much as ya want when ya want.

Falling out is not an option. I'm glad you remembered that! Yer instructors will be sure to have remembered you for that as well.

Now we can put ya back to work.

06-05-03, 10:12 PM
Thank yas very much. I loved every minute of what others call "torture". My friends and family are calling me insane but I take that as a compliment.

My goal is to make Marine Corps weight and have a first class PFT by no later than the middle of August. That gives me roughly three months. It'll be a lot of hard work but I've made it this far. I have a long way to go but it's only the next step that counts.

Now ... back to work around here. I need to catch up on everything I've missed. I must sadly admit, though, that I won't have much time to actually sit and breathe until about Monday. If you don't see much of me until then I'm around, I promise. I'm going to be so busy over the weekend I could write you another novel!

06-06-03, 06:12 PM

Good report. Proud of you. It appears you have the makings of a fine Marine. Especially appreciate your desire to be an Officer of Marines and not any other branch. That speaks well to your character. Especially when there are monetary inticements (college monies) that appear exceeding handsome from the other branches.

Stay true to yourself and everything esle will fall natually into place.

semper fi,

06-06-03, 08:55 PM
Thank you very much, and will do.


06-06-03, 09:50 PM
wooO Jess! :)