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I was wonderin if only infantry can join recon? My MOS I have on contract is 1300, can i still join Recon? And if so when is the best time. I here right after MCT. Last question, how does a Marine sign up for Recon or is he chosen? Thanks for reading this. I will appreciate all answers thanks.

06-05-03, 10:36 AM
Brief heads up Cheezballlz...If you look through the threads you'll see your question along with many other MOS questions have been asked. You just gotta find them. Being a Poolee too, I made the same mistake you did and just asked the question without lookin around.

If your lucky Bones will only give you a warning and some advice about asking questions without doin your homework.

Not tryin to make it sound like I'm jumpin your case just givin some advice. :)

06-05-03, 10:51 AM
Patrick's right, Bro. Do some research. This topic has come up so many times that when I read the subject of this thread, I slapped my forehead and said, "Again!?!" I'm sure the Marines who voluntarily spend their time answering our questions thought the same.

You'll find a myriad of info if you just do a little research. :banana:

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They're right! Most anything you want to know about has already been posted. If you do a search and can't find anything then it's time to do some research at the library or your favorite internet search engine. At that time, if you'd really like to be a leader, it'd be kind of you to make a post and share your newly found information with us so when someone else has your question (s)he can do a search on Leatherneck and uncover the answers. However, should you spend time seeking information to no avail do ask your question. Someone will have an answer or be able to give you a lead.

06-05-03, 11:00 PM
Cheezballz, have ya ever heard a Marine Corps Sergeant start cussin'? You don't want to.

I've posted two other questions on previous threads that you've posted on. Ya might wanta go back, look them up and see if ya can come up with an answer or two.

Site search engine: Force Recon. Recon. Partial trining programs listed under my threads on force reon and under the thread in Sgt Pap's Place, "A Reminder". First thing ya gotta do is become a Marine.

Once again, for emphasis. When I went through in 76, we started with 125 wannabes in recieving. 35 of those graduated on time. Take the company I was in, in recruit training. just for example. Maybe one of those Marines went on to try for Force Recon. Out of all of the Marines who tried for Force Recon, maybe one in ten make it....maybe. Of course, if you'd done some reading around here, you'd know all of that by now.

More than ya wanted to know, maybe

I'd a posted a link or two this time, but I couldn't find my address bar.

You are not impressing anyone at this point, bigwhip. Right now, I'd feel sorry for the first NCOIC ya end up workin' for, 'cept he might end up havin' fun with ya. The only thing is, I'm curious what kinda game he'll run on ya to get ya to start payin' attention. LOL. One way is to just not keep ya around and put ya on every **** detail that comes down the pike! LOL. Oh, that one's fun when ya on the recieving end, let me tell ya! Now, just so ya know, those kinda games are if he's feelin' generous and has time to **** with ya. Otherwise, ya get sent to what used to be called Correctional Custody Platoon and Motivational Platoon just fer starters. Sometimes ya lose rank and get fined, sometimes ya don't. I understand they don't put up with too much of that stuff anymore, though. 6-6 and a kick, Bad Conduct Discharge if ya don't get it figured out pretty quick.

There's a lot of opportunity in the Corps...but there's a lot of trouble, too, if yer not listenin'.

If yer not gonna listen and if yer not gonna learn, a lot of NCO's aren't even gonna begin to let ya be a danger to them or to the rest of their men.

Thats all providing you make it through recruit training, let alone make it through in 12 weeks.

So...ya see...most of what we do with you folks is to get ya lined out to avoid problems such as that, which is just a very, very small part of gettin' ya ready for recruit training and my Marine Corps.

Now the butt chewin's over. Go out and do the mission. Yer professed mission? To become a Marine. That's not gonna happen with yer jaw a jackin' or with **** in yer ears.

You wanta become a Marine? Start listening and doin' what yer told. We'll do everything we can to help ya, but ya gotta be willin' to be helped...and ya gotta work for it. No one can do it for ya. Ya gotta earn it.



06-05-03, 11:30 PM
Being a strong swimmer is a big plus.
Years back, you had to "volunteer" for Recon.
Force Recon was part of the Recon Battalion.
Some were jump qualified, other were SCUBA qualified.
They had pre-schools for Jump and SCUBA.
The Recon Battalions had Introduation Courses that you had to complete to be accept into the Recon Battalion.
It call for a great deal of "Motavation" and desire.
If you can see yourself in all the above...go for it...

Semper Fidelis
Charlie Co 1st Recon Bn and Bravo Company 3rd Recon Bn

06-06-03, 12:14 AM
this website will tell you everything

06-13-03, 02:51 PM

MOS's in the Recon Community
(Military Occupational Specialty)
All MOS's are able to make a lateral move into the 0321 Reconnaissance MOS to become a reconnaissance Marine, but every units needs support personnel to run effectively.
The following MOS's are billets within a reconnaissance unit. Marines on active duty can contact the Command's Sergeant Major and request to take the screening. Marines must not only excel at their MOS, but be physically able to complete the screening. Since administrative and support positions are limited in the Reconnaissance unit, the selection process is very competitive.
Once a Marine has joined the unit, he can request to make a lateral move into the 0321 Reconnaissance MOS. In most Recon units, open slots for schools that cannot be filled by platoon members are usually offered to qualified support personnel (like Airborne, BRC and SERE school).
The support personnel in a Reconnaissance unit are also considered the Combat Replacement Platoon (CRP). The support personnel conduct monthly training in reconnaissance skills in order to be utilized as replacements or additions for the platoons when the Commanding Officer decides it is necessary.
0321 (Reconnaissance Marine)

0151, 0121, 0193, 0180 -- (Administration)

0411, 0451, 0431, 0491 -- (Logistics - MIMS, Para Rigger, Embark)

2311 - (Ammo Tech)

2111 - (Small Weapons Armorer)

3531, 3521, 3529 - (Motor Transport Operator, Mechanic, Maint Chief)

0621, 4066, 2844 -- (Communications - Radio Operator, IT SysAdmin, Radio Tech)

5711 - NBC Specialist (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)

02-- (Intelligence)

06-13-03, 05:48 PM
Don't forget:

8652 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified

8653 Reconnaissance Man, SCUBA/UBA Qualified

8654 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and SCUBA/UBA Qualified (Dual Cool)

SF Bill

06-14-03, 10:10 AM
Dual Cool I haven't heard that one in a while. The Airborne Frog.