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12-01-08, 12:40 AM
Hi. I am a new Marine, fresh out of SOI. During boot camp i was told by one of my DI's that you can volunteer to go on a MEU. Now, if this is possible, how do you do it and does it matter the fact that I am a reservist?

12-01-08, 01:11 AM
The MEU pretty much picks you. In the fleet line battalions routinely rotate through MEU cycles. As a reservist you can request orders for Active Duty For Training and possibly get yourself on a ship doing mess duty or laundry duty for 6 months.

12-01-08, 02:00 AM
Don't worry about volunteering for a MEU at the moment. Your still home on your initial boot leave from the sounds of it. You still have SOI to go through, concentrate on that. Honestly the only thing I would be worried about is having some fun on leave with O'l Sally Rotten Cro#$# :D. Semper Fi Marine and congrats and welcome to the brotherhood:marine:

12-01-08, 02:03 AM
Also since your a Marine now, and attention to detail is important update your profile. With an avatar and what not.:D Semper Fi

12-01-08, 02:35 AM
The only thing you can volunteer for in the Marine Corps is a working party...other than that you just do what you are told.

12-01-08, 08:58 AM
Thanks... i guess i just have to wait.

PS: Echo, I am done with SOI... thank god!:banana::yes:

12-01-08, 01:42 PM
It depends where you are. As a grunt, you'll deploy with your unit. In my field we could volunteer to go on a MEU as we weren't usually doing such things.

In reality, you're going to get plenty of deployment time, if anything you should consider looking for ways to stay home.

12-01-08, 01:52 PM
Getting on a MEU can be easy or it can be hard. It really depends on your MOS and weather or not the MEU has all of their billets filled for their deployment. If you are reservist than you should speak to the recruiter about MEU's that are starting workups when you will be hitting the fleet.

First things first, get your showershoe azz done with your schools and talk to someone with three stripes up and atleast 2 stripes down...SIR!!!

Also, that BS about doing laundry as a way to get onto a MEU is complete BS. You'll fill a billet with your respective unit. If they don't need you for your MOS then you will get some awful job on ship or stand post for awhile.

I would try to get on land and get some instead of sitting on ship with your thumb up your azz.

12-01-08, 02:01 PM
Thanks... i guess i just have to wait.

PS: Echo, I am done with SOI... thank god!:banana::yes:
LOL guess I should put on my peepers and read just a bit harder. Well anywho's. Yeah I guess that now you are in the fleet give it a shot. If it happens it happens if not, oh well. You might as well ask, no harm in that. Semper Fi

12-01-08, 02:06 PM
Hey echo3, good call on that attention to detail.


12-01-08, 02:14 PM
Hey echo3, good call on that attention to detail.

Tell me about it lol:marine:

12-01-08, 04:21 PM
LOL listen to purple heart ... Marine Lcpls don't get jammed with laundry duty or mess duty on ship. Ohh wise sage how many MEU's have you been on ? You want to hand this lad a pair of rose colored glasses?

12-01-08, 04:27 PM
Yes BULLkyker, while on ship you will be pulling that crap. Once the ship hits port it's time for training or libo. Only the sh!tbirds get stuck doing mess or laundry for the entire deployment.

Now tell me, which did you fall under?


12-01-08, 04:55 PM
Actually brother that is the best reponse you could have made. It cracked me up. Yes it is true you get the right ship at the right time and you'll be pulling into perth with ladies lining the dock holding signs that say "We Love You US Marine" . Get the wrong ship and you'll be pulling gator squares and eating rice for months at a time.

I was on the :
USS Frederick
USS Tuscaloosa
USS Juneau
USS Bristol County
USS Debuque
USS Belleau Wood
USS Wasp

I don't have a clue what it is like to be on a MEU.

12-01-08, 05:01 PM
Bulkyker, is any of that supposed to impress me?

I mean there are boot Marines doing sh!t work all over the US Navy's fleet. This is nothing new. But you mislead this poolee into thinking that's the only thing he will be doing on ship.

What are you trying to prove here? That you spent your enlistment on ship or at liberty ports?


12-01-08, 05:12 PM
I guess neither. I just wanted to point out that possibly I have the experience to give advice on what to expect on ship.

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12-01-08, 05:17 PM
I got you bud.

12-01-08, 09:26 PM
Only reason you want to be on a MEU is so when you get in country you have your own dedicated air to save your ass when your ass needs saving.