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11-18-08, 11:19 PM
The Corps never ceased to amaze me during my time in. I was stationed at the Marine Barracks, Washington D.C., where I was on the Silent Drill Team from '90-'91. The Team traveled, putting on the...

11-18-08, 11:59 PM
I always saw it as a display of mastery, discipline, teamwork. With the way the teen culture is sliding, The Silent Drill Team is still needed in that capacity. :thumbup:

Semper Fi Marine :usmc:

11-19-08, 09:43 AM
We still don't promise anyone a rose garden. The team is an example of how squared away and disciplined a Marine is supposed to be. There's nothing wrong with kids seeing that image and aspiring to that.

There wouldn't be anything wrong with a commercial illustrating the seals on the White House lawn or a Marine in dress blues heading out with a can of Brasso to keep our emblem hard and tight.

It's not all the Fleet or combat duty; there are plenty of ways to serve. I realized that when I got stuck doing Admin before being PEB'd out. I signed up to be a Winger (even though I had aspirations to be the hardest Grunt EVER). Every job is important and it's not nearly as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be.

11-19-08, 10:21 AM
I always saw the Drill Team as a postive Marine Corps venture. When things got hot in GTMO back in '79 with Castro, The SDT did a performance that boosted our morale.

True, during that portion of your TOD you may not be part of the FMF, you are still part of the what is the composite of the USMC. :usmc:

Your service in the USMC makes you just as much a Marine as any one of us:flag:

If anyone thinks anything else, ping me about it

Semper Fi

11-19-08, 10:49 AM
Stand tall and Proud Marine! We do what we have to to honor and respect our Corps. No matter what the job. Sorry, but if anyone joining the Marines think that is all we're about (Silent Drill Team), then they're too dumb to make it through boot anyway. Reality is on the television every night.

11-19-08, 09:29 PM
Hey Marine, I will not be going out on a limb to tell you that Marines on active duty and those of us long past active duty love the drill team. I have traveled many miles just to see the drill team...