View Full Version : War Resisters League

11-16-08, 02:07 AM
My nephew told me the other day that these folks have been at his high school lately trying to brainwash the students there. Apparently recruiters are not going there any more either. WTF is going on here? :evilgrin:

I checked their web page, nothing but anti war/anti military propaganda... I really want to suit up and crash their party next time they show up to brainwash the next generation. He's 16 so this is in a High School. Any suggestions?

11-16-08, 06:45 AM
That's what I would do AND I would probably stand by the door so that I could greet them all and offer a handshake. Sometimes the best revenge is not anything that's said but something that can be seen. HEY! Recruit 'em - LOL!

And, how is it that these folks can hang around the highschool and talk to the kids but someone in the military isn't allowed or are they allowed, just not in uniform?