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11-11-08, 02:31 PM
On this 89th anniversary of the end of "the war to end all wars", let us reflect on what has happened since. All the wars, battles, conflicts, police actions, and such. The lives lost, the wounded in battle since that piece of paper was signed so long ago.

The average American sees Veterans day as a holiday, a day off work, a day the mail don't run, a day that a lot of the old men and women wear thier old worn uniforms to a parade and such. The average Amercian has no idea what those peopel went through, in the name of freedom, that we all enjoy daily. I am sure you have all seen the bumper stickers that says, "Freedom isn't free", but they still have no idea what it truly means!

Since 1776 this country has only seen the horror of war on this soil once, and that was the Civil war! I dare say there is no one alive that remembers that! Yet every day now our young military members are in other countries fighting for freedom and democracy. Oh it affects the families of the military members, but the average American just don't get it!

I like to thank God that this is the way it is, that's right, Thank God! Our people have more rights than any other country in the world. The Average American couldn't handle the truth of war and battle, not in this country!

I ask Blessings for all the Veterans that have served and are serving today. We have the strongest military force in the world, and it is all volunteer! God Bless our poolees, for they are our future, our Corps and our Country depends on that kind of courage and dedication of our young people.

There is not many (if any) of us old salts that would turn down the chance to serve again, but we all know that wars are for the young, unfortunately!

Every year we, as Marines, get the chance to celebrate our Birthday on the 10th and then give thanks to our Vets on the 11th of November.

Semper Fi my Family,


11-11-08, 02:51 PM

Sgt Jim
11-11-08, 05:52 PM
Have the best Veterans Day that you can,Semper Fi