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05-31-03, 12:52 PM
U.S., Royal Thai Marines hone their decon skills
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Story by Sgt. Alexis R. Mulero

ROYAL THAI MARINE BASE, CAMP SAMAESAN, Thailand(May 19, 2003) -- ROYAL THAI MARINE BASE, CAMP SAMAESAN, Thailand - Nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological weapons have altered the way Marines prepare for combat. Not only must Marines be proficient in their occupational specialty, but they must also be able to perform their job in a mission orientated protective posture suit.

In addition to operating in their MOPP equipment, Marines must also be familiarized with the set-up and operation of a decontamination site for equipment, vehicles, and chemical casualties.

That is why more than 50 Marines of 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade and more than 80 Royal Thai Marines participated in a combined nuclear biological and chemical decontamination exercise at Royal Thai Marine Base, Camp Samaesan, Kingdom of Thailand, May 18-19.

"Considering chemical weapons are or prevalent in the world and such focus has been directed toward them, it's important for the U.S. and its allies to prepare for any type of contingency our enemies may throw at us," said Sgt. Clint Schwarz, NBC training noncommissioned officer.

The two-day event began with a full day of classroom time to familiarize all service members involved with how the following day's exercise would evolve. Some of the classes taught were individual protective measures during immediate, operational and thorough decontamination and the use of chemical detector kits.

During the second day, staff noncommissioned officers and officers from both nations watched the exercise transpire before their eyes. Also, Thai and U.S. Marines continued sharing ideas on decontamination, set up a detail equipment and a troop site, rehearsed for that afternoon's event, and accomplished all tasks involved during every scenario given.

"NBC training is like having an insurance policy," said PFC Christian Marrero, NBC specialist, BSSG-3. "You don't want to pay the dividends up front, but when it's time to perform, you realize it's true value."

The exercise provided U.S. and Thai Marines with a better understanding of the operational procedure each nation takes during an NBC decontamination exercise and strengthened ties with Thai forces.

"In the battlefield, it's no longer Thai or U.S. Marines. It's allies fighting for a common cause," said Marrero. "By studying each other's tactics, the operations will move more smoothly and the mission can be accomplished more effectively."



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