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11-10-08, 01:27 AM
...that's days, hours, minutes and seconds until I see my son again!! He's on PI and we're ramping up for the trip. As we are a blended family, we are traveling separately. His dad and our daughter are flying (with the step-mom) and I am driving from Ohio to Tennessee a day early to pick up our middle son and driving over. A friend of mine said I should check into staying in a hotel on base, any advice? Also, the food thing -- I see all these posts about what's available and what might make our recruit sick, ugh! I guess we'll let him choose when we get there. It looks like we will have some decent time with him on Thursday after the MOT run.

I'm fussing about what to wear, is all this stuff outside? I'm thinking PI in December will be cold-ish, anybody...?

I'm sure I'm not thinking of something I should be -- I'm starting to get to that anxiety state.

Letters home have been nothing short of amazing. My son has embraced with passion the Corps values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. He LOVES the Marine Corps history education. He qualified (one of five to do so) level 2 in swim week; 100% MCMAP brown belt too. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR HOW HE QUALIFIED in Table 1 Firing Week, this past Friday was qual day. I LOVE the Matrix Schedule on the PI site!! When I write him, I tell him what I see he is doing and it gives him a great sense of my interest...and I AM!! Also, for new parents writing, if you go to this site, Heritage Press International (http://www.usmcpress.com/), you can write about what you read there. My recruit LOVES that.

Many people have told me that the "little boy" I sent to PI is NOT the man I will be reunited with on Thursday, Dec. 11, and I know that's true -- but the changes are all good ones. He has always been a great kid, now I expect nothing less than a top-notch MARINE! I am so proud of him!

Wow, that's allotta words for an intro, sorry -- I have the rambling affliction! Any pointers about next month and the upcoming excitement are greatly appreciated. I mainly need to know how to dress for Friday morning.

I am Loree, and my son is soon-to-be a Marine!

11-11-08, 11:51 AM
I'm so very happy for you! The pride and joy you will feel soon can not be put into words. Bring lots and lots of tissues......

My son graduated last November and the weather was beautiful. It was warm during the day and just a tad chilly in the evenings. My family wore jeans and our "Red P.I.Grad shirts" on Family Day. On Graduation Day some wore jeans, while other decided to get a little dressier. I saw everything from jeans to suits. I hope this helps.

Please update us upon your return. I think you are in for a wonderful surprise when you see your son.

Drive safe and enjoy!

11-11-08, 01:22 PM
Hi Loree...what an exciting time for your family. As the saying goes "you ain't seen nothin yet"! The pride you feel now will fail in comparison to the first time you lay eyes on your new Marine. I still get that "feeling" in the pit of my stomach just remembering what that moment was like. You might want to skip the tissues and go straight to the Bounty! ;) Weather permitting the Family Day activities will be outside and you will do a lot of walking. Dressing comfortably that day is a must. We really didn't make plans for food or have an agenda for the day when we went. We just let our Marine make all the decisions and after being told what to do and when to do it for 13 long weeks she really appreciated having the opportunity to do so. Like Gina said, we saw everything from very casual to very dressy for Graduation. I'd say a nice pair of slacks and shirt (maybe a sweater to wear over it if it's cool) would be more than appropriate. You can always change to casual before you begin your drive back.

As for the lodging, there are many hotels in the are to choose from that are just minutes for the gates at PI. If you haven't already done so I suggest you make those reservations ASAP because things fill up fast. Just google Beaufort SC hotels for your options. I believe the Osprey Inn is the only one. Here is some information on that for you.
Osprey Inn - (843)228-2744 ($26/night and 8$ for each additional adult)
You may call 15 days in advance of graduation day:
Mon - Fri 8AM - 4:30PM
You might go ahead and give them a call now. It's worth a try!

I guess what I want to stress most is just relax and enjoy this experience. It's one that will be etched in your mind forever. Best wishes as you and your son continue this journey.:usmc:

03-03-09, 12:09 AM
Gina -- Much has transpired since our communication before our family went to graduation at Parris Island. I wanted to let you know I appreciate your helpful and exciting response. Words fail me, the whole time there was overwhelming. That place truly is magical. We were all disappointed, though, that the MOT run was cancelled because "it might rain". It didn't rain. It was kinda funny, we were the fourth car in line at 5:10 am waiting to be permitted onto the base. We then waited seven hours to see our Marine. It was so worth it! We had an amazing emotional reunion. The next morning, same routine -- near first in line, but no waiting! We went to the flag raising at dawn and then saw our Marine before graduation. We were fortunate to spot him several times before the ceremony. Thursday (family day) was warm and wonderful, but graduation day was blustery and we froze!! But we dressed mostly jeans and khakis, company hoodies and hats and gloves! I am so very proud of my new Marine. He has finished MCT, I went to that graduation too, and wow -- was I glad. He did not get the MOS we expected. He signed up for communication and that is a broad scope of specialties. We had hoped for SAT COM (satellite communications) but he "drew" a slot with 0621 Field Radio Operators. He is now at Twentynine Palms, CA, MAT platoon, and will be in school for eight weeks, then most likely he will deploy. I can't afford to go to California for his school graduation, but his dad and step mom most likely will. I am growing used to hurry-up-and-wait. I pray for his saftey and when I do, I mention you and your Marine. Thanks again for reaching out. Hugs, Loree

03-03-09, 12:15 AM
Tammy, Your reply was invaluable! We dressed for the fickle weather and all worked out. You and Gina (in this thread too) were so right -- kleenex ran short and we had to skip to Subway napkins ha ha! I tried really hard to get into the Osprey but found a room at the same hotel as my ex, my Marine's dad, and his wife. It worked out so beautifully -- we all shared a mini-van to the base for the two days of events. It made it easy for our Marine. He rode around base with us, giving us a tour, and he didn't have to hunt dad and then mom. I was overwhelmed with the helpful and caring attitudes of the entire town of Beaufort. Sure was a different story when I went to MCT graduation Feb 10 in Jacksonville, NC :\ I suppose J'ville is sick of Marines. Any way, there's more, but I'm tired and want to see if I can help other families before I go to bed. Thank you again, my Marine will soon be a field radio operator and most likely deploy. We wait and we pray relentlessly. Semper Fi, Loree

03-03-09, 12:32 AM
I just want to give all the Marine MOMs credit for berthing our now Devil Dogs. Without you ladies, we wouldn't have the Marine Corps we have today. God Bless all the mothers and the mothers that have lost. Semper Fi.

Sgt "A"

03-03-09, 01:08 AM
Wow! That is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Sgt A.

03-03-09, 08:45 AM
I'm so sorry that you didn't get to see the MOTO run. That was one of my favorites! My son's MOS was originally supposed to be an 0311, but while at his MOS school he was picked for an 0313 position (LAV Driver), he was a bit upset at first but has since grown to like his new MOS. Hopefully it will be the same for your son.

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, as I knew you would!! My son will be deploying in May. I'm so very nervous but I know that he is in good hands, I don't doubt that for a minute but will continue to worry because I think that is what Mom's do best......

Thank you for keeping my son in your prayers, it is greatly appreciated. Enjoy this amazing ride and I hope you get to see more of your Marine soon!