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11-01-08, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon Marines. I'm heading down to SOI on Monday. Got a couple questions. My MOS is 0351 so I am a grunt. First off- should I bring any civilian clohes with me? Would it be a smart idea to bring a laptop down? Will I be able to take leave for Thanksgiving or Christmas? My actual report date is tuesday the 4th of Nov. But i'm flying down Monday. Should I fly in alphas for reporting in or report on tuesday? I posted the alpha part in the Uniform section- figured i'd throw it in here to. Thanks Devils
PFC Petersen

11-01-08, 07:03 PM
I'm going to SOI on Monday as well. You should bring plenty of civilian clothes for liberty during the weekends. I would bring a cell phone, but I wouldn't bring a laptop. There too expensive and it could get lost or even stolen. I'm traveling in my civies. When i get to the USO at the San Diego airport I will change into my alphas. You will be able to check in a day early if you can catch a shuttle to SOI. Good to go devil dog?

11-03-08, 08:52 AM
You're only going to need a couple sets of civilian clothes, you don't need all that **** in your wall locker.
Definitely bring your cell phone, but don't be the one to take it out in the field. Once you hit the Weapons split, your instructor may even let you use it during the week. If you get caught using it when you aren't supposed to, you risk getting your entire company's phones secured.
Laptop... It might save you money on the weekends if you're the kind that just wants to play games and surf the web, there is free wi-fi just down the road at the YMCA. Again, don't use it during the week unless you are given permission. 0352's are given the opportunity to use them to learn armor, but I don't know if the 51's need them.

If you fly in the day before, you have two options -
1- You can report in early, get your **** taken care of before the rush to get everyone done, and be in cammies when everyone else is carrying their **** up the hill in Alphas.
2- You can stay in a hotel (easier with a couple other Marines), change over at the hotel, and take a shuttle to the USO. CHECK EACH OTHER'S UNIFORMS!!!

When you're at the USO, don't get caught smoking if you do. The Marines in the red polo shirts are Pvt-LCpl's. They have been there for a while, do what they say. There will be a Master Guns there, a Sgt, and a Corpsman. Remember what you've learned in boot and everything will be fine. You aren't fleet yet, you don't rate **** at SOI. Never go anywhere without a buddy, POLICE YOUR OWN, and you'll be fine.

Semper Fi

11-03-08, 08:59 AM
One other thing - Don't be stupid with your money. Don't get tattoo'ed up, buy expensive electronics, and pay $200 for a taxi to go everywhere. People in Oceanside and San Diego know who you are...

11-04-08, 06:26 AM
He's going to be going to Lejune, so a lot of that info. won't pertain to him. Kp, change over into Alphas at the airport. I don't recall seeing a USO in the Jacksonville Airport. And there are no shuttles to take you around, just a army of taxis and a bus with a very erratic schedule that goes from base to base.

11-04-08, 09:39 AM
Rofl, the boot bus. I loved that thing man, its driven by old MGySgts who tell crazy war stories and listen to the Bible radio station really loud.