View Full Version : Marines vs 3rd ID invasion question

10-31-08, 05:36 PM
Hello Marines,

I'm having a real good Amy vs Marines **** slinging session with a dog face about the 2003 Iraqi invasion. He is basicly rubbing it in my face that the 3rd ID beat the Marines to baghdad. To be honest, all of this happened right before I joined so I wasnt there, and I dont really know how to counter the arguement.

I have looked at a few maps and noticed that 1MEF detoured east and crossed the tigress pretty far south. What was that all about?

Anyways Semper Fi, and all ammuniton I can get from you to combat this dogface is appreciated.

11-01-08, 05:29 AM
While I don't know the info of who was tasked to be where, I seriously doubt what dogface was saying. No military commander would have two units race towards one objective to see who gets there first or to cause a major cluster**** if both arrived at the same time. That would complicate the mission and open him to disaster if it failed.

11-01-08, 08:13 AM
From my recollection the 3rd Amored was 'shooting the gap' from the Westerly approach across open terrain to seize their assigned objectives and the Baghdad Airport. They accomplished their assigned mission.

Mean while on the Eastern approach, our Marines slugged it through at times heavy enemy contact in built up areas. We did our job and accomplished our mission and still reached the other side of Baghdad within hours of the Army.

Both elements reached Baghdad so fast that the locals had no idea WTF was happening.

The Army did their job with quickness and meneaver. We did our job with quickness and ferocity! Ohh-rah!