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05-28-03, 12:41 PM
Well, they've done it again. They have managed to take a long overdue program to correct a discrimination against disabled veterans and mold it to cover almost NO vet.

I have just read the final wording on the DoD website for CRSC. Read below:

In what originall was called "dual compensation", and what is now called Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC), the DoD has managed to word it so that basically no one qualifies.

The biggest area that sticks out is that NO reservist (except a few full time technicians) can qualify.

Basically, besides having to have a Purple Heart or 60% VA disability, a reservist MUST HAVE 7200 retirement points! At 365 points a year, this is 19.726 years of ACTIVE DUTY! Reservists are lucky to get 72 points a year.

This (7200 pts) is exactly what an active duty service member must have to retire , and no active duty member would be able to retire because they would not be retained with over 30% disability in the first place!

So where is the justice in this?

A reservist is disqualified because they are a reservist, even if they did over 30 years of service.

Example: in my case I was wounded in Vietnam, have the Purple Heart, did 28+ years active and active reserve service, have 50% disability, but only have 2700 retirement points (the most that one can accrue in the reserves, depending on years served). I don't qualify due to the lack of points, which would have to be 20 active years!

So, no one on active duty can qualify, and no one in the reserves. Each is eliminated due to either not enough points, or too much disability to be retained on active duty to qualify with 20 years.

This is how the Pentagon got around dealing with spending the money.

Yet, they just autorized $5 million to clean up a waste site at Ft. Detrick, MD, and $50 million to build border checkpoints in Afghanistan! Plus, they spent millions to bring Iraqi POWs to the is country as a "humanitarian gesture" after the first gulf war.

But our vets get denied earned benefits and a small pension.

We will have to author a new bill that corrects this discrimination, and I will ask for a congressional investigation to find out who is responsible for this anti-reserve discrimination clause.

Craig Roberts
Veteran's Advisory Council
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05-28-03, 12:48 PM
Contact me by my work email and I will send the original copy of CRSC.

05-30-03, 09:51 AM
I have the application for CRSC benefits. It won't hurt to try!