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05-27-03, 12:49 PM
Navy Corpsman

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The Hospital Corps came into existence as an organized unit of the Medical Department under the provision of an act of Congress approved 17 June 1898. this act provided for appointment to the warrant rank of pharmacist and established the following ratings:

1.Hospital Steward (chief petty officer)

2.Hospital Apprentice First Class (third class petty officer)

3.Hospital Apprentice

Under this act, the Secretary of the Navy appointed 25 senior apothecaries as pharmacists. These original 25 are rightfully referred to as the charter members of the Hospital Corps."

June 17, 1998 has come and gone. Our Hospital Corps is officially 100 years old now.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend the Birthday Celebration in Great Lakes, Illinois and had an absolutely wonderful time. Okay, so it was hotter than hell in the hall but who cares, the Ball was worth every drop of sweat.

Once I have the time I will be posting some pictures here of the event, I just do not have the time to do so right now.

I can say that we were fortunate enough to have had Robert E. Bush, a WWII Corpsman Medal of Honor recipient as our guest speaker. Mr. Bush is a fine man and it was a pleasure to meet him yet again. We were all especially surprised my the fact that Mr. Bush invited a friend of his to attend the celbration. We were graced with the presence of Richard Bush, a WWII Marine Medal of Honor recipient as well. I was able to talk both of these fine gentlemen into photos and will post them here soon.

So, as we draw to a close the perperations of the celebration I can only say that, here's to next year!

Semper Fi,
Doc Faville