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05-27-03, 05:33 AM
I got to thinking yesterday, of all the different things that have happened since the war. I remembered what my bossman had said to me when I asked him if the war would have any effect on his son in college. He said it shouldn't and they need to send someone elses kid, not his! Then he made the comment of the military (Marines) being uncivilized. He said that when the job is done, they need to find a home for the people who have served their country, that they don't need to be on the streets! Well, I almost lost my job when I went over the directors desk to show him being uncivilized is reality, and him being a wimpy goody-goody is fantasy and reality wins everytime! I think he will keep the comments to hisself!

05-27-03, 08:42 AM
What should have been said was;

"Well cur, if you don't think your son can measure up, you know him better than I do, so I'll just have to take your word for it."

Since it's too late for that, I would print out about 20 posts you will find on this site of homecomeing articles from a variety of newspapers. Ask him which individuals he catagorizes as "uncivilized".

Also ask him to make comparisons with his son's achievements and accomplishments.

You see, Devildog, you lost the high ground. If you had asked the right questions in the right way, he would have come across his desk after you.

05-27-03, 11:44 AM
And, thats a a fact.

First Sergeants of Marines rock.

05-27-03, 12:39 PM

Here's two cuts I made from today's post. Let him pick ONE who is "uncivilized" and have him compare that one to his son.

IF the son is anything like his father, he isn't worth a ****.

Douglas C. Payne, 53, says he never has forgotten to remember the fellow Marine who died saving his life in Vietnam more than 34 years ago. And he is haunted by doubt that the life he now lives is worth the sacrifice that earned his buddy, Pfc. Oscar P. Austin, a posthumous Medal of Honor.

On Feb. 23, 1969, Pfc. Austin scrambled out of a safe foxhole and, with his own body, shielded the injured and unconscious Mr. Payne, then a 19-year-old lance corporal, from a hand grenade and rifle fire.

The mortally wounded Pfc. Austin shot a North Vietnamese soldier who was storming their position, then fell dead 39 days past his 21st birthday.
Five-year-old Donovan Squillace couldn't wait a second longer.

He had watched excitedly as the plane carrying 42 U.S. Marines home from war landed at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station yesterday. Then, when the doors opened and he spotted a familiar face in the sea of camouflage, he bolted across the tarmac: Mommy was home.

"As soon as we started coming in through those clouds, I started crying," said his mother, Sgt. Azure Squillace, 27, with Donovan propped on her hip.

She kissed her husband and marveled at her other son, Ethan, who was only 13 months old when she left her station in Willow Grove nine months ago. "They're huge!" she said.


05-27-03, 04:24 PM
Yes Sir, most of the time I would agree with that! I normally handle the situation like that because most figure I will go the other route, that is why I don't unless I am pushed! You would have to meet this man, (I'm being nice!) he is a little different. He didn't grow up with any male companionship, never got physical in any form, no sports, no horsing around, no hunting, no, well, you get the idea. He is a constant smarta** and will say anything to anybody! I told him one day someone is going to cure his problem with his mouth. His answer, the law protects people like him, so he need not worry. I asked him if he could get to the phone before I got to him? That was the 1st time I told him the difference between fantasy & reality! On top of this, he is bigger then I am, yet doesn't see danger until it is too late! I have played battle of the minds with him, and when he starts getting the loosing end, that is when he pulls rank and also says he is never wrong! This man is our Director, of our Grounds & Landscaping Dept.! That is like sending a Navy man on a 25 mile force march! I keep trying to sum it up for ya, but I would have to write a letter to do that!