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10-16-08, 11:08 PM
Being new to the board and member I thought that this would be a great story to tell. Back in 1994, in my twilight weeks of leaving the Marines for the civilian life, I had a most memorable shooter step onto Hue City Line at MCRD PI SC. He was an older officer and held the rank of a Navy Capt. His hair was grey, body big and he was very quiet on the line and did not ask for much assistance. His skill in shooting was evident in this and I really did not need to lend any help to him. He shot bullseye after bullseye in the practice session and then he dropped 8 out of 10 shots at the 500 yard line. The last two shots I went over to him and he forgot to move the rear site elevation to the proper setting, thus the last two found center mass. Amazing!

On qual day he shot even better. He scored a 248 out of 250 and this was a range high score (my personal best was 245). Oh, did I mention he was a Navy Chaplin? I did ask him where he learned to shoot and he rolled up his sleeve and showed me a faded tatoo... nope not an anchor globe an eagle, but a faded black seal with big muscles wearing a white hat with a gun, all barely visible. Navy Seal.

He said he decided to become a chaplin after Nam, and thought it better to serve saving lives that way then taking them with a gun. I remember asking him why qualify for he is not required to do so and he said something like... "I like shooting and shocking a few Marines in the process of what a Navy Chaplin can do. Oh Shhhh, don't tell them about my secret tatoo!"

I will forever remember this Chaplin and his shooting skills.


10-17-08, 07:07 AM
Fine story.

Most folks don't need to flash about. This is one of them.

I'd like to hear his stories.