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10-16-08, 03:26 PM
Wrestling tourney on station Marines' lunch menu
Story by Cpl. T.M. Stewman, Desert Warrior Staff

Marines and sailors squared off in a midday freestyle wrestling tournament held at the station gym Oct. 9.

Eighteen competitors, separated into six weight classes, participated in the double-elimination tournament.

The matches were decided by a best two out of three periods, with each period lasting two minutes.

In the first match, Brandon Zimmer took on Aaron Suggs in the 135-pound division.

The match got off to a quick start with Suggs going after Zimmer immediately. Zimmer's strength made it hard for Suggs to get the pin, but Suggs scored enough points to win the first period. Zimmer fought back hard to get the win in the next period, but the final period came down to the wire with Suggs coming out victorious by points.

"We both (wrestled) hard, but he managed to get the win," said Zimmer. "At the end of the day, it's just cool to come here and be able to get some time on the mat."

Since Zimmer and Suggs were the only competitors in their weight division, they would have to battle each other again in a best two-out-of-three match to be crowned champion.

In the next match, Suggs made sure there was no mistake about who the superior wrestler was in his weight division. He quickly won back-to-back periods, winning the match and ultimately the first place trophy of the 135-pound division by points.

The 145-pound division found itself in the same situation. With only two wrestlers in the division, Neal Faber and Eddie Goodwin faced each other in a best two-out-of-three match.

In the first match, Faber took advantage of a self-confessed "rusty" Goodwin, beating him in back-to-back periods for the win. In the next match, Goodwin came out with quickness and agility, making it difficult for Faber to shoot in and produce any points. After taking care of Faber easily in the first period, the second proved to be more difficult. Goodwin buckled down and pulled out the win, forcing a third match.

Visible fatigue set into both competitors as they began their final match. In dramatic fashion, they split the first two periods with Goodwin winning the first and Faber winning the second. In the final period, Goodwin couldn't hold on, exposing his back quickly and allowing Faber to pin him, winning the 145-pound title.

In the 163-pound division, five wrestlers faced-off against each other in double-elimination competition.

Corey Hatfield took on Samuel Derenne in the first match. Hatfield made easy work of Derenne, giving up no points and winning two periods to none.

The next match pitted Brent Ellis against Joshua Wells. After a close first period win by Wells, he wasted no time in the second period, overpowering Ellis and beating him by pin.

Reigning 163-pound champ Chad Slade then faced Hatfield in the next match. Slade proved why he was the champ, using his lightning fast speed against Hatfield to beat him by fall early in the first period.

"A quick pin is always nice because it gives me a chance to rest more between matches," said Slade.

In the losers' bracket, Ellis faced Derenne, where he took him out in two straight periods and would move on to face the 1-1 Hatfield. Before that match, Slade would wrestle against Wells for a spot in the championship round. A shoulder injury early in the first period left Slade vulnerable and Wells exploited the weakness. After losing the first period by a landslide of points, Slade fought back, but it wasn't enough, resulting in another losing period and losing the match.

In the championship, Wells faced Hatfield in the 163-pound division. After squeezing out a first period win, Hatfield took down Wells with a pin for another win and the 163 title.

In the 175-pound division championship, Eric Wiener faced Alan Thornhill. Wiener had beat Thornhill earlier in the tournament and the title match was much of the same for him. He blew past Thornhill, beating him in two straight periods and earning the 175-pound title.

The 190-pound division championship match featured Nathaniel Goldman and William Radner. Goldman exploited Radner's fatigue and won the championship match by pin.

After nearly three hours of wrestling, only one match remained.

Two late shows turned out to be the top competitors in the plus 200-pound division.

Matthew Scott wrestled against Mike Pierson for the heavyweight championship. Since the competitors were the only two in their division, they had to wrestle best two out of three matches for the title. In both bouts, Pierson took Scott down by pin, easily winning the title for his weight division.

In all, 25 matches were battled out and the competitors didn't disappoint those who stuck around to watch all three hours of action.

"We had a good turnout this tournament with (Weapons and Tactics Instructors Course) being here," said Walter "Ski" Sosinski, gym athletic director. "Hopefully the turnout for next year will be even better."

For information about intramural sports, contact Sosinski at 928-269-2280.