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10-13-08, 08:32 AM
My son is in his last week of SOI and even though he has not received his orders yet he says he is pretty sure he is going to 29 Palms.he stated that 8 other guys in his platoon are going with him with the rest staying in Lejeune. with the way rumors fly down there do you think this is reliable?is there reason that only 8 would go or is it just a random choice?
also there was a rumor that they would have liberty before they left,i thought that after soi graduation they would leave right away for their pds.if it makes any difference his MOS is 0331. any light you can shed on this would be great

10-13-08, 08:43 AM
If he is in his last week there, then he will have some good idea of what is coming up. They will be doing check out stuff at the barracks and the company. So, what he is telling you, may be true.

As far as just a couple of Marines headed to the palms, that might be due to the MOS that they have. 0331's. They may be headed to a mech unit or to a line that needs extra machine gunners. Who knows.

They may give him some liberty due to the fact that he needs to travel accross country or something like that. I never did. I went to West coast SOI and was transfered to the east coast with 4 others after graduation. No liberty though.

Hope that this helps. Good luck and Semper Fi.

10-13-08, 10:48 AM
Hi! Well done to him! Almost done.

When my son's were done at MCT West Coast, they were whisked away very quickly to MOS school. They weren't allowed any leave, unless they checked in at school. If it was backed up and they didn't have a long history of runners, they had a chance to get Recruiters Assistance....my boys were not allowed to do that. My one son went from Cali to Missouri, they took them all on busses to LAX, and they all left. My other son was put on a coach and taken to 29 Palms and had to check in that day. I was driving by 29 Palms (kinda) to get back home, and he was unable to even ride with me because of liability and them still being responsible for him with training. All the MOS's that were with them, either went on busses to the airport, 29 Palms, or Miramar. It was certainly a very busy day there and very confusing. My son's had no idea, nor did they have orders until the Saturday before they graduated. There was one last remedial hike that some Marines had to do, if they didn't make it, they wouldn't have graduated. So my son's and all the ones that made the long hump in the hills the day prior, had to wait to make it easier on the admin staff. Hope this helps a little.

10-13-08, 05:22 PM
I just graduated from MCT at SOI East. I have no clue if your son will end up in this lifeless desert or not, but chances are that he won't get any liberty. The day I graduated MCT I was on a bus to the airport within an hour after graduation.

10-14-08, 07:15 AM
Keep in mind that SOI is a lot longer than MCT so he very well may get some leave before having to check into his new unit. Can't say for certain but he'll find out in the coming week when and where he needs to be.

10-14-08, 02:20 PM
My son was in SOI East at Camp Geiger, 2 hours after SOI graduation he was on a plane to Camp Pendleton with 8 other Marines. Did his MOS school there and came back to Camp Lejeune with only 4 of the 8.

10-15-08, 04:24 AM
I was told that I was going to 2/3 in Hawaii, then with 3 days left before SOI graduation they told me that 10 of us were staying in Lejeune. Anything can change at the last minute and even when he has his orders in hand, it can still change.