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LCpl Turner
10-05-08, 05:41 AM
Ok I was just wondering what people think about the crucible waivers from MCRD San Diego during the wildfires. We recently got a guy in our shop that said he never went through the crucible and explained about the wildfires and that his whole company(as a few others I have no specifics of which companies they were) were 'waived' from having to do the crucible. Just a little open forum here I am wondering what people think about it. I personally dont agree with it, and think there could have been ways around it. I understand the circumstances and why they had to, but still just don't agree with it. :thumbup::thumbdown??

10-05-08, 01:11 PM
It doesn't matter. Well I shouldn't say that I guess. I don't want to come off all salty and ****, but these days the Crucible isn't even that "forge in the fire" or the "test to be Marine." I knew of a kid that got his EGA in the safety van during the Crucible because he fell out of a hump. When I went through, you "went away" and there were a few who did, for not finishing.

10-05-08, 01:14 PM
Since I remember when the crucible started, and it seemed as if the quality of boots that we got went down just as they started going through the crucible I'll just go ahead and go on record as saying I don't think the couple of days without much to eat really does all that much to make Marines. The months leading up to that moment is what turns the civilian into a Marine.

10-05-08, 04:46 PM
I have heard of this too, but I have yet to meet one. Regardless of anything else, I wouldn't worry about it. The Crucible is for building confidence, not weeding anyone out. I won't act hard and pretend it was easy, but it was hardly the most difficult experience of my life. Hell my Crucible started in the "Fleet"! I drive past Edson Range every day on my way to work, and I see other Crucible "attractions" on other occasions. I have used the 131 MOUT town at the base of the "Reaper" and I have watched them slowly widen and level it over the years. It can be an important experience at the time, especially the reading of the Medal of Honor citations. Not a requirement to be a Marine, IMHO....


We earn "the Title" every day

10-05-08, 04:54 PM
yeah, when i went to go see my brother graduate at MCRD San Diego. he said that the companys behind him didnt have to do the cruicable. he didnt agree with it, he also said it wasnt even hard. so idk to much but that is what he said. and his company was kilo. so im guessing the companys after him didnt have to. like i think it was charlie or something

10-05-08, 06:44 PM
In 1999 I my entire company missed the Crucible due to Hurrican Floyd. The entire recruit command at Parris Island was "deployed" to Logistics Base Albany for 4 days. When we came back we took a nice long "stroll" around the base for about 5 hours then had the EGA ceremony and warrior breakfast. It really doesn't make that much difference in the grand scheme of things, hell I felt worse for the company a head of us, they had to graduate at Albany. Also with the weather that year, we didn't even have our mock combat evolution at MCT. We were in the field for about two hours when they took our blanks and loaded us into buses to get from Camp Devil Dog back to the main barracks where we stood around for 3 days before graduating.

Sgt Reynolds

10-05-08, 07:52 PM
PaidinBlood,you need to beef up your profile..:evilgrin:

10-05-08, 08:09 PM
PaidinBlood,you need to beef up your profile..:evilgrin:

Suppose I ought to. Thanks for the reminder.. ;) Just got on here a day or so ago and noticed everyone has a lot more info...