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10-02-08, 05:09 AM
So here's my WAR FACE and my MOTO HIGH AND TIGHT YUTTTT the night we left Hawaii

In the airport, my A4 and my buddies SAW

Getting on the plane

10-02-08, 05:13 AM
Gentlemen please make sure your seats are in the full upright position, tray tables stowed, electronic devices turned off and....machine guns on the floor.


A whole lotta nothing.

10-02-08, 05:14 AM
Kuwait City

Its ok, we had permation.

Anyone want a Ford Taurus?

10-02-08, 05:17 AM
Home on Camp Virginia (I know you OIF vets have seen this before!!!)

Okay! I have to give the biggest props ever to OIF/OEF vets. HOW ON EARTH do you SURVIVE for more than a few hours in the desert with ALL THIS ON? Look, its October. Its still hot, but no where near as hot as it'd be in July (still over 100). Its ridiculous! You all have my all due respect, as if bullets and bombs weren't enough, this heat is killer.


I have more pics, I haven't been able to take alot recently, and the internet is pretty slow.

10-02-08, 05:19 AM
Oh, and Marines who've been to east coast (and from what I hear west coast) MCT, Camp Virginia, is EXACTLY, I mean to the T like that. It's nuts. The way the showers are, the hoochs, the gravel roads its kinda crazy.

10-02-08, 05:29 AM
Awesome Matt!

10-02-08, 08:58 AM
Got your PPwith you. All kidding aside you be safe and watch your 6 Young Brother.

10-02-08, 09:25 AM
Thanks for the pics Matt I wish you Godspeed and luck. You have come a long way in my Corps Marine and the torch has clearly been passed to you now. Keep your head and ass wired together at all times now, and try to keep us updated.

Semper Fi


10-02-08, 09:26 AM
Wow..I just remembered how much I hate that place. Thanks for sharing your pics Matt. Take care Marine.

10-02-08, 10:43 AM
Take care and keep us posted.

10-02-08, 11:03 AM
Great Pics,good luck and stay safe Marine!

10-02-08, 11:39 AM
Stay away from the women out there!

10-02-08, 12:42 PM
Take care of yourself and your brothers over there Devil!!! OORAH!!

10-02-08, 12:59 PM



10-03-08, 12:19 PM
Awesome pics Matt. Best of luck to you. My family and I would like to thank you for keeping our Country safe, and we will be including you and those serving with you in our prayers.

10-03-08, 12:38 PM
Thank you Marine, appreciate what you do. Be safe, and hurry home.

Sgt Baker
10-03-08, 12:43 PM
My prayers will be with you every day! If you want a pen pal, just pm me! Be safe and thank you for serving for me and mine!

10-03-08, 01:07 PM
Good luck brother, I hope you stay safe. Keep me updated when you can...Hit me up with that address and I'll throw you mine for Afghanistan so we can keep ourselves amused in two different miserable places in the world.

10-03-08, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the pics Achped. You're in my thoughts! (.err..not that way...:marine:) I hope you get to communicate with us regularly. Stay Safe!!!!! SEMPER FI!!!

10-03-08, 02:06 PM
Our prayers are with you,and watch where you walk.............

bootlace15 out

Thank You and everyone over there for your service,FOR Them and especially US.

10-03-08, 02:50 PM
I'd say stay safe, but I think you got that point by now. Just have a blast and don't let the day to day **** get you down. If this is your first trip, it will definitely stay with you forever. Even if it's not, the dirtiest nastiest most dangerous days will keep you company for the rest of your life. (Yes, in a good way). Fair winds and following seas..:beer:

10-04-08, 09:07 AM

Keep kicking some f---ing azz Marine. Good luck out there to you and all of us. You Marines are doing a great job and keeping the tradition of the USMC on a very high level.

Thanks for the pics:beer:. My thoughts and prayers have you Marines included always.

No other fighting force in the history of the earth can match us, ever.:usmc::flag:

10-04-08, 11:46 AM
I dont know why everyone is thanking me, almost every Marine on this forum has contributed more to the Corps than I have. I thank you all for giving me such a high standard to uphold.

10-04-08, 07:08 PM
Hey Marine, the 'thank you' messages you're getting are our show of appreciation that you decided to answer the call and follow the sound of the beating drum. You should know by now that not many have it in them to willfully make this choice. Thanks Devil, and stay safe. Depending on if I'm eligible and get orders, I might see you running around there. Semper Fi. YUT!

10-04-08, 07:36 PM
Thank you for your service! God speed and good luck, please be safe!

10-05-08, 11:19 AM
Post your address as soon as you think about it Baby Brother and thanks for the pics - you are my eyes to another world. Did you remember to take Eve with you?

Stay safe and thanks for watching the house at night!

Sgt Jim
10-05-08, 11:45 AM
Stay safe,You are taking up where we left off.Semper Fi Marine

10-05-08, 04:57 PM
I know we ain't talked since we were poolees but keep it up man. Do everything I would do and then some.

10-05-08, 08:55 PM
Good luck, stay safe and God speed.

10-06-08, 01:54 PM
Sgt Yut, hopefully I'll see you out in the sandlot, I've got quite a while here haha.

Kim, I will start PMing folks my address once I get a more reliable internet source.

10-06-08, 02:09 PM
Whooaaa, oh **** son, somebody picked up, congrats bro.

10-07-08, 08:22 AM
Congrats on picking up Achped! Now go change your profile so it reads "E-4"!!

10-07-08, 11:15 AM
Ahh I forgot about that thanks Sgt, I just changed my avatar.

When I get back in garrison I will have alot of new stuff to put on the blues, ribbons, a painfully earned set of stripes and chevrons, and a belt buckle. Definitely can't overlook anything there!

10-07-08, 11:29 AM
Noticed the promo on another thread. Congrats on becoming a leader of men.You'll have to share Eve with the troops.

10-07-08, 12:51 PM
Congrats Achped.

10-07-08, 12:53 PM
Yes, congratulations. Welcome to the NCO ranks, Achped. Stay safe. We're all proud of you.

10-07-08, 01:12 PM
Keep digging and fighting MARINE:usmc:

10-07-08, 01:41 PM
CONGRATS!!! Way to go Bro!!!

10-07-08, 01:43 PM


10-07-08, 03:00 PM
Congrats on the promo and keep your head down over there. You are in all our prayers and thoughts. Thanks for the good job that you are doing. I know that it sounds cliche, but just remember that you are representing the USMC out there, and my son will be going in to boot as soon as he graduates high school this year.

10-09-08, 04:28 AM
painfully earned my ****ing ass. makes me ****ing sick how pogues pick up soon as they rate a score. real Marines in the infantry have to EARN those stripes:thumbdown

10-09-08, 05:45 AM
It's not all MOSs Christ0ph. Some non-infantry, no scratch that, MOST non-infantry MOSs also have reasonably high cutting scores. He just got lucky and picked a good MOS to pick up in. Can't fault him for that.

10-09-08, 07:02 AM
Right, because I received my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor via mail-order. How do your comments add any value at all??? Quit your *****ing, Marine.

10-09-08, 10:10 AM
painfully earned my ****ing ass. makes me ****ing sick how pogues pick up soon as they rate a score. real Marines in the infantry have to EARN those stripes:thumbdown
How bout you wait until YOU rate a cutting score before you start *****ing? I can't even begin to tell you how wrong your post is. I was admin, the so-called "pogest of the pogs", and I had to see all my 03 buddies pick up when their score was in the high 1500's and mine was in the low 1700's. Oh well, guess they deserved it more than me, being as how they're "real Marines" and all. Just shut your mouth, you ****ing boot.

10-09-08, 10:39 AM
See that **** really irks me because anyone that knows me and my story knows that I didn't have anytihng at all to do with my MOS. I was an 0300 contract and the Marine Corps changed my job to what it is now, and now you're going to talk **** because it promoted me? Trust me trust me trust me, I know how you feel, there are loads of 03's that deserve Corporal but can't because the cutting score is in the high 1600s, aka Accord, or even Woody. They'd make great NCOs this very second but its what the Marine Corps wants, I didn't have anything to do with my job so don't take it out on me.

10-09-08, 11:02 AM
painfully earned my ****ing ass. makes me ****ing sick how pogues pick up soon as they rate a score. real Marines in the infantry have to EARN those stripes:thumbdown

As you were Christ0ph;397552 I have known this Marine and the ones he mentioned since they were pups and I have their backs. You have no right to judge this Marines rank or how he picked it up, who he hell made you Commandant? I suggest that you take 5 deep breaths and chill and always "Remember to be courteous and respectful." on this site.


10-09-08, 11:22 AM
Tell him Jim, by his tone his attitude is keeping him from getting promoted.

10-09-08, 03:18 PM
****ers been in the Marine Corps all of 8 months and he thinks he rates blood stripes. By his 2nd enlistment he should be a ****ing Sgt Maj.