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09-25-08, 07:35 PM
I heard they stop all physical activity when it reaches a certain heat index. I just wanted to know what they do when it does.

09-25-08, 07:48 PM
They'll find something for you to do. Whether it's cleaning weapons or playing mind games in the Squadbay.

:marine:SEMPER FI 4 LIFE!

09-25-08, 08:12 PM
Or the will graciously resume PT in the Squad Bay. That is always fun to.

09-25-08, 08:19 PM
It started to lightning during MCMAP one day.

Grass makes falls a little easier to bear than concrete squad bay floors :(

That being said, sometimes we would look out our window and we'd be able to see that it was a black or red flag, and everyone in the platoon would start spreading around the scuttle butt about how it was great and we werent gonna have to drill...

however one idiot let a DI hear, and we ended end up having 10 seconds to move all the racks to one side of the squad bay, 10 more seconds to get to one end of the empty side, and 10 more seconds to scuzz from one end to the next.

09-25-08, 08:53 PM
It just meant indoor PT,,,,,,, Till you died.

09-26-08, 01:05 AM
Oh yes I remember those black flag days on PI in 1970. July as a matter of fact. Our first black flag day was great. Our DI's said we had to stay in the barracks because it was to hot. LMAO,they wrecked the friggen place and we had all of 15 minutes to get it squared away. Once that was done,we got to put our long sleeve utilities on packs and all,we double timed it down to the pits at the rifle range,nice black top down there,and we learned stack arms,and screwed that up. We had the honor of doing pushups,bends and muther ****kers,then we double timed it back to the exersice field and got to break the blisters with rope climbing. The next day we qualified. That was a blast.

Phantom Blooper
09-26-08, 05:20 AM
I also heard you need to fill out a complete profile!:evilgrin:

WBGTI and Heat Condition Flag Warning System

Heat Injury Prevention Program
Flag Warning System:

Green Flag (WBGTI of 80 to 84.9 degrees F): Heavy exercises, for unacclimatized personnel, will be conducted with caution and under constant supervision.

Yellow Flag (WBGTI of 85 to 87.9 degrees F): Strenuous exercises or physical labor will be curtailed for unacclimatized, newly assigned Marines and Civilian Marines in their first 3 weeks. Avoid outdoor classes or work in the sun.

Red Flag (WBGTI of 88 to 89 degrees F): All PT or very strenuous work will be curtailed for those not thoroughly acclimatized by at least 3 weeks. Personnel not thoroughly acclimatized may carry on limited activity not to exceed 6 hours per day.

http://www.ala.usmc.mil/flags/flags/flag_blk.gifBlack Flag (WBGTI of 90 and above degrees F): All nonessential physical activity will be halted.ROTFLMAO!!!!!

09-26-08, 09:51 AM
Black flag or not we still got f*ucked up in the squad bay, mentally and physically.