View Full Version : M1A1 and M1A2

09-24-08, 03:24 PM
:usmc:What Do you think about them?:flag:

09-24-08, 03:34 PM
A-2 worked for me.

09-25-08, 02:25 PM
best rifle ever made M-1

09-25-08, 03:58 PM
I am not sure but I think you're talking tanks and if so the M1A1 would be my choice. But, I don't know too much about the A2 other than it's more computerized.

09-25-08, 04:26 PM
M1a2 Sep is the way to go. You have a whole lot more electronics. The drivers hold has a DID(drivers internal display) that you can see your fuel, speed, direction, etc..etc.. It also lets you know when their is something wrong internally in the tank... equipped with on-board malfunction detection system. With the m1a1 you don't have that. The only problem is sometimes you have to slave start your tank( use another tanks battery power to start your tank..you connect the cords through the drivers entrance) because if the power is left on in the drivers hold you drain the battery's and your tank will not start up. You have slightly less fuel capacity in the m1a2 sep. Now the TC has the ability to view 360 degrees around the tank. Thermal imaging systems for the commander's independent viewer (CITV) and gunner. So definetly go with the M1a2 all the way. It's like a f-150 and a f-250...of course your going to take the f-250

Sgt Jim
09-25-08, 06:28 PM
Give me a M14 any time,best weapon that i have ever fired