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09-18-08, 09:30 AM
Hi all,
My son went to MCT and found out that his MOS had been changed from Crash Fire Rescue to a MOS of "putting bombs planes at an airbase" I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen of if maybe someone might know what this MOS is or the # for it. I know that he goes to school in Pensacola for 3 mons but thats it. If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it I am very confused. Thanks if anyone can.

09-18-08, 09:56 AM
His MOS was not changed at MCT. Crash Fire and Rescue falls under the same program as Ordnance. When your son enlisted, he filled out a Program Statement of Understanding(SOU) for the Program AE (Aviation Support) which includes the following MOS's 6500 Aviation Ordnance and 7000 Airfield services. Those are broken down into 6531(Aircraft Ordnance Technician) 6541(Aviation Ordnance Systems Tech) 7011(Expeditionary Airfield Systems Tech) 7051(Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist. Your son was guarunteed the AE program not a specific MOS.

09-18-08, 10:02 AM
Ok great thank you. I really appreciate you helping me on this. Its so easy to get confused.