View Full Version : any current Lejune Motor T guys....??

09-15-08, 07:16 PM
just looking for some info Marines. I posted a few weeks ago about a Marine I knew who got booted for supposdly stealing money from some crack***** and getting booted. A customer of mine came into work today and saw my tats and mentioned he had a buddy at lejune right now in the motor pool. Turns out that Marine knew of my former buddy and mentioned he wasnt booted for money theft but for stealing M4 parts? According to this Marine 3 ppl were involved. Just trying to dig up the truth since this **** bird is running around claiming how great the Corp was and how he is still a Marine, now claiming he was deployed and was hurt, thats why he got out. Total BS

If you were at Lejune in the past 6 mos hit me up via pm or post the scoop

Semper Fi