View Full Version : IRAQ: Congressman fights to post pictures of the fallen

09-04-08, 08:38 AM
IRAQ: Congressman fights to post pictures of the fallen

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, whose North Carolina district includes three Marine bases, is fighting the House leadership over his determination to post pictures of fallen Marines outside his Capitol Hill office, the Marine Corps Times reports.

Jones, a seven-term Republican, has posted pictures of 42 Marines killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But janitors have twice taken down the photos, citing a "hallway policy" adopted by the Republican and Democratic leadership.

A conservative with a libertarian streak, Jones is an opponent of the Iraq war and sponsored an effort to require congressional approval before any future president commits U.S. troops to combat; it failed. His district includes Camp Lejeune and air stations at New River and Cherry Point.

"It's too easy for people not to think about the fact that men and women are dying for this country," he told the newspaper.

— Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: Rep. Walter Jones, R-North Carolina. Credit: Associated Press

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