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08-28-08, 05:27 PM
Okay, June 10th I requalled and shot a 330/350, but about a week later it showed up on my MOL (aka in my records) as a 307.

From the day I found out my results until about a week and a half ago it kept going back and forth and I kept hearing "Your score cards are double checked you shot a 307, you shot a 307, you need to show us your data book" all that trash.

Well working with my S3 I finally went to the range with the S3 clerk in his POV alllllll the way on the OTHER side of Pearl Harbor (read: Extremely far drive) and a Sgt there pulled my score card and she was like LOOK, you shot a 237 on table 1 and a 93 on table II, thats a 30.....330?

I was like yeaaahhhh.....

Well anyways, she did what she needed to do on her end, wrote some info down, and gave me a copy of my score cards. I gave it to IPAC like last Wednesday, and it STILL is showing I shot a 307.

I get no sympathy from anyone in there, because "you still shot expert", and when they find out my mos has a cutting score of 1314, they say "you'll still pick up" but its a big deal to me! I obviously shot a 330, it should say I shot a 330!

Any admin people in here that can help me out? Its driving me nuts. I've got the proof in my hand that I shot a 330, but they're either too lazy or too imcompetent to get anything done over there. Or they're jealous because they're wearing pizza boxes, whatever it is I want my score fixed.

08-28-08, 06:39 PM
Although I can't help you, something needs to be done from the shooting line, to the pits, to the admin office. During boot camp I heard like 3 different scores I shot. I was told I was Expert, which I wear, but on my MOL it doesn't and never has, shown that I'm even qualed. So I don't know what the deal is, but something needs to be done. I doubt it's only you and I that have had problems.

08-28-08, 07:40 PM
Whatever happens, you owe that S3 clerk a beer or two!

08-28-08, 07:44 PM
I don't know how it is done these days, but back in the day my word would have made the record straight but you have proof on paper. I would request an audit of your record (SRB) again I don't know if this could or can be done but I hate say but it does seem as if your S1 is very lazy to me and yes wing he owes the clerk a cold one or three.

Semper Fi
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Phantom Blooper
08-28-08, 07:57 PM
It's computers GYSGTRET....back in our day the Unit Diary was in pencil and then checked and rechecked!:evilgrin:

08-29-08, 05:10 PM
Rifle scores are now put into the system using TMS or training management system which is managed by the S-3 shops. So first, if your score is jacked up its because your S-3 is behind the power curve.

However, the IPAC can fix them, assuming you find the clerk that. All they need is a standard letter from the PMI at the range saying what you shot and when you shot it and it can get fixed.

If you missed getting promoted, AND you shot before the training cutoff date then you can get a remedial promotion put in back to the month that you would have gotten promoted.

If they tell you it doesn't matter and that you "still shot expert" thats when you need to start getting your NCO's and SNCO's involved because that is not how they are supposted to be doing business.

08-29-08, 05:25 PM
My NCOs and SNCOs are busy, my NCOs didnt even want me to go to the range to get my scores, everyones reasoning is the same "you still shot expert."

As a lance corporal if you recruit someone into the Marine Corps, you get 25 points.

My score is short 23 points.

Thats a big ****ing deal.

It doesnt help that we're on pre-deployment leave and on the eve of going to Iraq, so everyone's swamped. Its frustrating as hell.

08-29-08, 06:12 PM
Time may have come to lay out the charm and gratuities to soften the green weenie: Heya Staff Sergeant ole buddy ole pal i got here two tickets to the labor day lua with a complimentary Mai Tai but i'm on duty, your welcome to em if you can use them:beer:

08-29-08, 07:21 PM
I just went to IPAC...they're closed...Aloha Friday I guess...they don't re-open till the 3rd of Sept. So whats that....a....108 hr liberty pass?

Freaking skaters.

08-30-08, 01:12 AM
First, low expert and high expert can mean something like 40 points on your score (don't quote me on that I'm going off the top of my head), so it is a big deal.

Promotions are important to Marines. If your not getting promoted when you should or your not getting paid like you should, how can your leadership expect you to preform like you should in combat?

Bottom line is if your scores are jacked up it is an easy fix with that letter. If your NCO's are too busy to take the 10 minutes to get your problem corrected you have a leadership issue, and there is a request mast form available for a reason.

08-30-08, 06:07 AM
Your company training NCO (usually the company clerk) should put your score on the TMS.

He then would bring the card to your S-3.

The training chief gets a notice saying you shot whatever.

He checks the card and says it's good to go.

Approves it.

After that I don't know if they take it to IPAC and then they put it in or it automatically changes. I know when I put my BFT and some other training schools I went to in, it took about 2 days to show on MOL. I don't think it has to go past the training chief in your S3.

08-31-08, 12:50 PM
I fired "Expert" with the .45 pistol once in a group at a Nationalist Chinese range near Tainan shortly before undeploying back to Japan. Upon arriving back in Japan, I found my SRB had no record of my firing at Tainan. (Or anyone else).

The best I ever did after that with the .45 was "Sharpshooter", so that's all that's on my DD214.

08-31-08, 12:52 PM
Thats just it though, I've got the proof in my hand. And these ****ers still aren't doing anything about it.

08-31-08, 05:31 PM
Are you saying those extra point will get you rank faster?

08-31-08, 07:17 PM
Are you saying those extra point will get you rank faster?

Yes, but a week ago he was saying the cutting score for his MOS was 1341.

That means he can shoot marksman, do 0 MCIs, have a 3rd class pft, and have 4.1/4.1 pro/cons and still pick up.

So really it is, "You still shot expert" Becuase he will qual again before he is eligible for Sergeant.

08-31-08, 08:50 PM

09-01-08, 07:03 AM

At least you have to work for that Blood Stripe. :evilgrin:

09-02-08, 10:40 PM
lol well if everyone else is a Corporal then you effectively become a Lance again, just with higher pay kinda like an Army Specialist.

1314...holy crap

09-10-08, 10:27 AM
Good news gents, IPAC came through. 3 full months after I shot, but better late than never!


09-10-08, 11:51 AM
Request Mast Matt it torques some jaws but seems to work, use the chain and do it.