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08-14-08, 11:43 PM
I just wanted to put this up here since it definitely helped me through boot camp. I graduated on 20080808 and I'm home on boot leave. A member of this forum (David Blaylock) gave me his address and kept writing me all through boot camp. I have never met this man but the letters he sent helped me see past some of my own personal trash and get back to training. During Boot camp i lost contact with my daughter and couldn't find out if she was ok. i let this eat at me and almost thought about quiting to come home and know that she was ok. The letters that Cpl. Blaylock sent reminded me of the commitment i made to the corps. So the moral of my rant is that if you have someone to send you some moto mail it will be a god send during boot, and to say thank you to Cpl. Blaylock for his support.
Pfc Hoff

08-15-08, 01:25 AM
Congratulations PFC......whew don't that sound better than Recruit?

I am proud of you son, you did me proud and earned my title and respect. I wrote Recruit before your name so long that it is odd to me to see PFC now, and a new username as well. I'll have to add you as a friend all over again. LOL

Thanks you for your kind words, it makes my job all that more important to me.

Semper Fi, Little brother, and welcome to the Corps, now enjoy that well earned leave!


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08-18-08, 05:08 PM
Your very welcome cpl. you are an invaluable member of the marine corps family.