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Vir Bellum
08-10-08, 10:22 PM
I run a company and we have been making MMA gear( mixed martial arts ) for the last 8 yrs, this yr we had a great opportunity and we did the 1st ever mma show in Camp Lejune in March, to benefit MCCS and also I belive wounded warrior, we saw that alot of the shirt designs really have not changed in a while , Bulldogs, skulls, m-16's etc , and alot of what is out there has been used extensibly.

I am trying to come out with a complete line ( shirts , hoodies, jackets , board shorts, etc ) that is more current and that will appeal to most Marines, I am interested in knowing what you like to see, what colors, designs, fonts, etc.

I have a general Idea in the way that I would like to go and the samples that we have made and circulated have been well received but I still would appreciate any feedback that you would like to share.


08-11-08, 03:39 AM
Brands such as Affliction and Extreme Couture have been getting really popular out here in Okinawa and is starting to get popular back in the states. I see a lot of Marines, including myself wearing that style of clothing.

Vir Bellum
08-11-08, 07:41 AM
Thats one of the ways that we are goin, aggressive font / colors, but I also need it to be appealing to old guard.

I also kicked thew Idea of bringing back some that " ol' school style " from WWI & II designs w/ modern graphics/fonts