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Our Mission

As a certain force in an uncertain world, United States Marines will continue to be the force which America relies on to be most versatile and expeditionary. Ready when others might not be. Able to immediately respond to crises around the globe. Protecting America's national interests will require that Marines be continually deployed for forward presence or contingency response. Effectiveness in these missions demands exceptional proficiency in resolving crises through military presence, location and reputation, noncombat intervention, or overt military action. Marines proudly accept this challenge.

To provide a flexible and viable future, the Marine Corps must continually evolve its methods of force development, deployment, and employment. It must seize emerging opportunities to maintain superior operational capabilities. As we enter the 21st Century, the United States is in a period of transition. While national priorities change, and our armed forces reexamine their contributions, it is once again time for vision within the Corps. To continue our proud tradition, Marines will need new concepts from which to build exceptional forces and win decisive victories on the battlefields of the future. But, innovation is only effective if it is assimilated and executed. Therefore, concepts are the first step in that process.

The United States Marine Corps must exploit emerging technologies to maintain superior operational capabilities. It must focus its resources for the most critical missions and then rely on inherent organizational adaptability for those other missions as directed by the National Command Authority.

To guide this force evolution in a comprehensive and consistent manner, it is necessary to articulate a vision and objectives for the future. As with any guidance, a clear and concise initial picture is required to unify efforts toward the chosen goals. That is the purpose of the following concept papers, to frame that initial picture

Concepts must provide a consistent, clearly articulated, and logical bridge between public laws, joint documents, and the Fleet Marine Force Manual 1 series and the capabilities required to execute it. Concepts will, therefore, spread from the top down. The goal of Marine Corps Concepts is to provide a roadmap for the evolution of the Marine Corps. These concepts must ensure unity of effort within the service. Concepts must clearly articulate the vision of our leadership and effectively guide our progress toward that vision. Their purpose is to optimize the capability and versatility of the Marine Corps of the future, rather than merely correct the deficiencies of the past.

Concepts start as innovative ideas about present and future operations, and gradually become published statements of the intended direction of the Corps. Ideas from varied sources provide input to the concept process. The ones which continue to show promise will be developed in detail within the Concept Based Requirements System.

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