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08-06-08, 03:46 AM
Hi Marines and Pooles, I was laying on my bed and can't fall asleep and suddenly was thinking about death. I've thought about death quite a lot of times already and have gotten over with it. I mean anybody can die anytime, like getting into a traffic accident, slip and brake your neck, plane crashes into you house, and all other kinds of stuffs.

I mean when your time is up, its up. Of course, the probability of these things happening to you are pretty slow. As a Marine you have to face the high probability of dying and getting injured, around 5-10% casualties currently. To be honest, some of us here probably wont be here in the future. Well, for me I don't believe in god because there is too many questions that I just can't figure out for me to believe in god. What I think about death is that when you die, you really don't feel nothing. It's like a sleep without dreams and you'll never wake up. Its like everything is blank, empty, and nothing.

Well, if death is to come, it'll just come, you cannot stop it. I guess that's what you called destiny. I know we'll miss all the things that we love and cherish. But, death is inevitable, it'll come sooner or later. Therefore, I want everybody to live your life to the fullest. Don't do the things you'll regret later on in life and can never make up. Try to tell your friends, family, love ones, that you cherish the relation and memories you shared with them. We never know whats gonna happen next. Feel free to express your thoughts and experiences about death. Last words, stay safe and live to the fullest!

08-06-08, 03:53 AM
Whats up with all the poolees posting in here? I didnt rate to do it until I became a Marine...what gives?

And your odds of dieing on Al-Asad in Iraq are probably less than the freeway nearest to your house.

08-06-08, 04:14 AM
I mean death among Marines really do kind of depend on your MOS. In Iraq and Afghanistan the Infantry Marines that got killed is around 600. Injured Marines ratio to death is around 10-1, so for every dead Marine there are 10 Wounded Marines. Therefore, that is around 6000 Infantry Marines casualties, around 5-10% among that MOS. The Marine Corp is around 160,000 people. Infantry is the largest Mos, let me guess so around 50,000-80,000 infantry Marines. I guess the chance of infantry Marine getting killed or injured is a lot higher than going on the freeway. I don't think for every 20 times I get on to a freeway I'll either get killed or injured.