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05-14-03, 12:08 PM
I am DEP, I currently run a 22 min 3 mile. I was hoping if there are any runners who have come from where I am coming from; 22 min 3 mile, and made progress BEFORE going into BASIC. I know most of the people who will reply already are horses, but I would like to hear from people who were not good at the 3 mile before BOOT and got better before BOOT. Thanks.

DEP AUGUST 18th, 2003

05-14-03, 04:07 PM
i was fast to begin with, but when i ran cross country in high school i noticed that the kids that were making the most progress were the ones that put the most miles in, not the fastest ones. you should try to run at least 4-5 miles without stopping. also, if you are a little overweight, any pounds you can lose will drop significant time from your 3 mile. probably do about 1000 steps a mile so it adds up real fast. also, a good, light pair of running shoes does wonders too. try to get a shoe that is in the 12-13 ounce range. something like new balance or saucony is probably the best. basically if you stick with an everyday routine the minutes will start coming off. if you want a more specific weekly plan, i'll be more than happy to help.

05-14-03, 10:37 PM
You will discover that isn't a bad time at all; especially for just getting to boot camp. But, wanting to get better is what its all about! The advice you got from gatormatt was good. Distance builds endurance, and that is likely what you are needing. But you shouldn't totally ignore speed work. Fartleks and intervals are good to do on occasion as well. Basically, the way you improve your run time is to run, no way around it. The more miles you put in, the less time you will spend on the PFT course.

05-15-03, 10:01 AM
yeah fartleks and sprints are good. help make a strong finish. probably do them once or twice a week, and follow those days up with long, slow runs, about 6-8 miles. running is mental, so the further the distance you run, the easier, shorter, 3 miles will feel. when you run its helpful to run somewhere and then back rather than doing laps. it keeps you from lulling into a slow pace, and also when you get tired you can't just quit, because you have to make it back to where you started from.

05-18-03, 08:50 PM
Sprints from HELL!!! Every time you run, include 4, 30-second sprints. Before or after your routine run, sprint all out for 30 seconds and stop, rest for two minutes and go again. Some days you can do extensive sprint work with 3 sets of four, 30 second sprints.

I disagree with the long slow runs. My best advice (because it's mine) is to run LESS THAN 3 miles. Run two miles for time. Each time you go out, you run 2 miles with the goal of decreasing the time by 10-15 seconds. After each five 2 mile runs (like at the end of the week), go out and time your three mile effort. Use the three mile time to gauge your progress toward a better PFT score.

Shorter distances increase your pulmonary capacity and increase oxygen in your system. These are the conditioning keys to better longer distance running, because your body is used to running at a faster pace.