View Full Version : Lord Grant A Wish

Roberto T. Cast
05-12-03, 02:30 PM
What do you think about this?

>>>A man was walking along the beach in California one day, thinking
>>>to himself and doing his best to sort out his life and pray for
>>>happiness. He stopped and looked up to the sky, looking for a sign
>>>of his faith, and said, "Oh Lord, if you are there... grant me one
>>>Suddenly there was a crack of lightning in the sky and in a
>>>booming voice echoed from above, saying, "Man, you have done your
>>>best to be faithful, though you have not always succeeded. I will
>>>grant your prayer and offer you one wish."
>>>The man looked out over the ocean, thought it over for a moment,
>>>and said, "I wish for you to build a bridge all the way to Hawaii,
>>>so I can drive over anytime I want to."

>>>The voice boomed, "Think of
what this would entail! The millions of
>>>tons of concrete and steel, the depths of the Pacific to build
>>>on... such a materialistic wish! I can certainly do it, as
>>>anything is in my power, but it would be better for your soul to
>>>put aside this desire for worldly things. Pray for a moment and
>>>think of another wish, a wish that would honor and glorify me."
>>>The man sat down on the sand and thought about it. Finally he
>>>gazed upward and said, "Oh Lord, I have been married and divorced
>>>five times. I did not understand any of my wives, and every one
>>>said i was insensitive and ignorant..."
>>>"Lord," he continued. "My wish is to understand women, to know how
>>>they feel, what they think, why they laugh and cry, and how I can
>>>truly make them happy." The man looked up at the sky, awaiting his
>>>answer. There was a minute of absolute silence... then another...
>>>and another.
>>>Finally, the voice boomed, "You want two lanes or four on that