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08-01-02, 07:43 AM

Morning all SF to you, Been up all night and need this coffee you have here. My daughter got put back in the hospital at 11 last night she is expecting but she is only 6mo. along and the kid wants out. Have been babby sitting for her 3yr. old and haven't been chatting much lately but the old fart is still around. Will try and drop in tonight and say hi to all. Bones are you in charge of the pot today if so could be a little hotter ( turn thr burner on ) lol.Been 33 yrs. sence the last time I took care of a 3yr. old am a little rusty but it is all comming back say hi to all for me will catch you later


08-01-02, 07:58 AM
Them damn kids never want to listen, they always think they know better.....LOL....Ploff give that kid a good prep talk....it's to early for it to come visit this world...but good Marine material...a fighter....LOL...
Wish you and your family all the best...Our prayers are with you all.......