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07-09-08, 08:47 PM
I took boot in Feb-Mar-Apr. of 1960, at PISC. My drill Sgt's carried the rank of Acting Sgt's.

Can anyone refresh me on why that was? I don't remember the reason for the acting designation.

They were: AGYSGT, ASGT.
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07-09-08, 08:51 PM
Did he wear the insignia? Cause if he was a CPL on the books but wearing SGT Chevrons than the only reason i could see that is he got frocked. But I have only seen SNCO's get that stuff.

Phantom Blooper
07-09-08, 08:53 PM
This may not apply to that time frame in the 60's...but in the early 80's I was a SGT awaiting my promotion to SSGT from Headquarters Marine Corps and the billet I held was considered as an acting SSGT. The command did a frock pinning ceremony and I wore the rank...and did the job...just didn't get paint until the warrant was signed by CMC. Don't know if this is the same thing or not.:evilgrin:

07-09-08, 09:05 PM
Skyhawker, i believe you men Drill Instructors not Drill Sergeants.

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07-10-08, 07:52 AM
I've heard the term "Staff Sergeant Select" But the guy was still a Sergeant, and that's what he was called until he got promoted (Although he held SSGT. billet)...I requested mast to get frocked LOL, I didn't push it though...Marine at S1 put me in as wrong MOS when I checked back in, So I didn't get promotion warrant, (got it about a week later) I was ****ED, was E-3 for 3 years and I didn't want to get screwed because of some ****bird. I asked the 1st Sgt. to just pin it on me. LOL ah memories.....

Phantom Blooper
07-10-08, 09:13 AM
I was called SSGT Hall even though my pay grade rank was SGT. I had all the responsibilities of a SSGT. We were on ship...and I was also billeted in the SNCO quarters and had all the privileges of the rank except money.

Also,a young Marine was unfortunately given NJP...Captains Mast and the court record reflected my rank as a witness to be SSGT. They don't frock...my understanding...unless admin/SGT MAJ receives a message from CMC saying that the warrant is coming down the pike.This is what happenend in my time.:evilgrin:

07-10-08, 11:38 AM
The rank structure change during late 50's and early 60's from Sgt E-4 to Sgt E-5. All Sgt under old rank structure retained the designation of Sgt and were called Acting Sgt. Also pertained to other ranks until promoted. New structure went from E-1 thru E7 to E-1 thru E-9. Was great for enlisted with new promotion opportunities.