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07-09-08, 09:54 AM
I Wanted To Respond To The Article Posted In The Headlines Forum.
I Have Been Employed As A Civilian "rent-a-cop", In A Supervisory Capacity, Since 2004. Although I Do Agree In The Marine Corps Case It Should Remain An Mp Function. The Problems I Encountered Were Not Caused By The Civilian Leadership But By The Government Supervisors Working For I.m.a. They Routinely Didn't Update Policy And Proceedures And Would Create Policy One Day And Then Change It The Next. As Far As Apprearence Is Concerned The Money Allotted For Uniforms And Equipment Prevented The Purchase Of Quality And Professional Looking Uniforms. 90% Of The Men And Women I Worked With And Supervised Were Either Retired Police Officers, Military Or Had A Professional Background In Security. So In Rebuttal To The Author Of The Aformentioned Article, Put The Blame On The Government For Your Dissatifaction. The D.o.d Half-stepped On This Issue.