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06-11-08, 08:30 PM
Ive come to notice every time i visit youtube. There are always debates about the Marines and the Army. I mean every military related video.

Always saying this and that, Army is better, we're bigger. Lame excuses. Ive noticed that a lot of the time they only compare the Rangers to the Marines as well, lol. Some are brave enough to say that Force Recon isn't even worthy of the Rangers because Rangers train Force Recon or some bs like that.

I haven't earned the title yet but i take offense to alot of things these "soldiers" say. My dad is a retired 0351, and I was raised in 29 Palms and Camp Lejeune.

These are some quotes that can really get me going. Ignorance....

"How are the Marines like the Army Rangers?? Rangers are elite, Marines are not. And the Marines are the navy's land force, basically. The Marines are respected by everyone, but this myth that to be a Marine is to be elite is a little out of sorts; I mean, there are female Marines, people."

"Umm, there are about 150,000 Marines and only 6000 US Army Rangers, who really are the Few and the Proud?"

I had one guy at work trying to get me out of USMC DEP and join the Army. Said the Army is the best route, Marines treat their people horribly, You have to be really smart to even make it in the Marines. Also told me id spend 20 years in the Corps and only make is as an E-6. I told him my recruiter was 27 y/o and already and E-6. He replied with "oh theres always and exception for everything, blah blah blah."

What are your inputs? I'm guessing your just supposed to not pay attention, but damn its so hard not to sometimes.

06-11-08, 08:32 PM
A ranger is the equivalent of a Marine on light duty.