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05-04-03, 05:26 PM
Just wanted everybody to know:::::

This will be the third year in a row we have had this event.
I plan to have one every year as long as we can get together and enjoy :banana:

I am only asking one thing.........
its getting close to D-day and I would really like to know who's for sure going to make it this year:confused:

I am really looking forward to this years reunion even though I may be a little late arriving:cry:

I'm sure CAS will keep all the Marines busy til I get there

Pleas reply and let us know who will make it this year!!!

05-04-03, 06:42 PM
Thanks to you and thedrifter for the invite. Looking forward to it.

Flying into BWI, Fri @1200.
Room book at the Econolodge.

See ya'll there.


05-06-03, 01:22 AM
I'll be landing Thursday just before noon and have reservations at the Lodge.


05-06-03, 08:06 AM
Not sure I will be there? Just too far to travel...HA HA HA J/K
But I am not the entertainment!

05-06-03, 08:15 AM
Cane and all - holding on to Shaffer's arm!

Sorry, not allowed to drive yet so can'tbe the designated driver.

05-06-03, 09:00 AM
I never have been much for meetings, reunions, get-togethers, etc. etc.

But for THIS one, I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't.

I consider it MY loss, not yours.

It would take me five days to get from here to there, and four days to get back.

The cost would equal a six month food budget for my family, or four years of college for one of my children.

All things being equal, eight years ago, when I was still living in California, I would have been there. (It would have been my first.)

The reasons why I would choose to be there should hold valid for anyone debating and trying to make up their minds.

As of today, there are sixteen undecided. When everything is said and done, I hope that at least eight of you feel that you made the right choice.

(You can't please all of the people all of the time.)

For those that attend, I'll miss meeting you. For those who choose NOT to, I hope your reasons are as valid as mine.

Semper Fi!

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro