View Full Version : Seventy (70) Virgins?

Roberto T. Cast
05-04-03, 11:34 AM
From Sgt. Grit newsletter

Hey Gyrenes, is this true and should Marines become martyrs?

70 VIRGINS.......:banana: :marine:

Sgt Grit
I have avid reader of your newsletter for the last couple
of years. A thought has crossed my mind that I don't fully
understand. All these Middle Eastern homicide bombers
believe that in dying as a martyr they will go to Heaven
and be welcomed by 70 virgins. Now according to the Marines
Hymn, the streets are guarded by United States Marines.
I can't believe there are 70 virgins left in all of Heaven,
much less for each Islamic martyr.
Rick Whittaker
1962-1965, Still a Marine

05-04-03, 12:34 PM
Just goes to show that Islam is outdated :D

All that was written BEFORE the Marines got to Heaven :marine:

Besides, what religion would have you expect EARTHLY rewards, in Heaven ???