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05-30-08, 07:15 PM
I recently discovered one of my Dad's dog tags. He served on active duty from 1940 until his retirement as a 1st Sgt in 1963. He passed away in 1986. The dog tag have a roundish shape with small chain holes on each side. The dog tag is stamped as follows - 1st line his first name, 2nd line his middle and last names, 3rd line his serial number (6 digits), 4th line reads "T 12-41-0-", 5th line is blank, 6th line "USMC" is centered. Can anyone confirm line 3 is his serial number, and can anyone decipher line 4? I'm guessing this may be his dog tag from WWII. My email address is navairmike@aol.com.
Mike Butts
CWO5 (ret)

05-31-08, 03:53 PM
I had to go dig my tags out
1st line is my last name. 2nd line 1st name, middle init., 3rd is serial no.(6 dig)
and 4th
line is Tet. shot date,5th is Blood type, and 6th is USMC/R.
The tag is like an oblong 50 cent piece. Two of them, one with holes in both ends and the other had only one hole.
The two holer was on a shory chain and was removed when needed for records. The other stayed .
I hope this answers your ?.
Semper Fi .

11-06-08, 10:38 PM
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