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05-02-03, 07:58 AM

Iragi Freedom has many faces.
One that will last a lifetime.
The face of a young American woman being rescued.

Her rescuers;“Jessica Lynch, We’re Americans here to rescue you.”
Her reply; “I’m an American too!”
An Iraqi lawyer Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehatef, place his life and the welfare of his family in danger.
When he reported, where Jessica was being held and tortured.
After seeing, a thug slap her twice across the face.
Once with the back of the hand, than with the palm of the hand.
We still await answers to some questions.
Where did she suffer two broken legs, a broken arm and an injury to her spine?
Was she subjected to torture?
All of the above doesn’t make sense.
What type of information could a lowly PFC in the US Army process?
Also an injured POW is not good propaganda for your side.
Here too the Iraqi’s failed miserably.
Like the rest of the world we await “Her Story”
PFC Jessica Lynch US Army will be remembered as a brave young American woman.
It is sad that other brave young American woman died the same day Jessica was captured.
Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa US Army.
May God grant eternal peace to Lori.
Another woman was also captured and shot in both ankles.
Spc. Shoshana Johnson US Army.
May God bless all these young American women.
I hope that this message might inspire other Americans to act in a similar manner.

Semper Fidelis

PS It's our hope that we'll be better than the media, who only gives a service person ten minutes of fame.