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05-02-03, 06:40 AM
May 2, 1968

REFLECTIONS ~ thinkig back to those days as a squad leader in Vietnam

...the men seem comfortable with my presence and with me as their squad leader.

They seem to have confidence in themselves and willing to prove themselves in battle if need be.

I wish I was as comfortable, with my assignment as theri squad leader, but I was determined to keep them safe as much as possible.

I had the men clean and clean their weapons, everyday. For hours we would take them apart and clean them out. When they had time I would send them out to the end of the hill and have the fam fire their weapons and practice shooting and at night as we sat around talking, they would clean their weapons.

We enjoyed that time, sitting around the hooch before they would be send out to stand watch at night along the perimeter on Hill 65.

Some of them I remember their names, others I can see their faces clearly but donít remember their names.

Freemen was my M-79 man, Payon walked point, Guzman was our automatic riflemen and tunnel rat. A bit chubby, with a wide smile.

There are others that I have their faces and features embetted in my mind. Tall walking Fright, little Kenny, I don't know how, but it seemed like he was always eating an apple. Where he got them, I never asked. I would love to see them all again, get to know them again, I have found only one of them since i left Vietnam.

His name was on the wall, killed after I left.

05-08-03, 06:21 PM
A great deal of responsibility, being a squad leader in Vietnam .One of the best jobs in the Marine Corps.

Semper Fi