View Full Version : Optic sights temporarily approved for annual rifle qualification, not for score

05-22-08, 07:37 AM
Optic sights temporarily approved for annual rifle qualification, not for score

5/23/2008 By Cpl. Warren Peace , III MEF

CAMP FOSTER, OKINAWA, Japan — — Battalion and squadron level commanders may authorize the use of modular attachments, to include combat optic sights, laser sights and vertical fore grip, for rifles and carbines during tables 1 and 2 of Marine Corps annual rifle qualification as of May15, according to Marine administrative message 295/08.

However, the use of modular attachments eliminates the chance to receive a score for the qualification and the Marine will be listed in an exemption status, thus keeping his or her qualification score from the last fiscal year, according to Marine Administrative Message 295/08.

The change is a temporary fix to address commands’ concerns that deploying units do not have sufficient time to properly complete annual training and pre-deployment training requirements with the attachments they will use during deployments, according to the message.

Marine Corps Marksmanship Center of Excellence officials are working on a new rifle combat optic training package using data collected from marksmanship training sites where qualifications using optic sights occur.

Preliminary studies of entry level lieutenants using optic sights show an average five point increase in score compared to iron sights, according to the message. However, officials are conducting further comparison studies before implementing new standards.

“For future requirements, the goal is to provide the Marine Corps with the most cur rent Combat Marksmanship Training Program that will build the individual skill sets all Marines need to operate in a combat environment using their primary weapon system and primary sighting system,” said Capt. James R. Moreno, commanding officer of Range Company, Weapons Training Battalion, Training and Education Command in Quantico, Va.
Entry level units such as recruit and basic officer training commands will continue to use iron sights.