View Full Version : Rosaries Available For Marines For Any Reason

07-30-02, 11:04 AM
I belong to a small Catholic Church in Central Texas, where I attend every week and am a member of the Catholic Daughters' Court. I am offering to pray the rosary for any Marine or relative of Marine needing my prayers for any reason. Please contact me by e-mailing me at marinesis1. Take Care.

07-30-02, 12:00 PM
Marinesis, thank you for the wonderful gesture. I don't really
have any relatives in the Marine Corps, but a prayer to keep
ALL Marines safe and healthy would be nice. I'm also Catholic
and although I do not pray the rosary much I do send out a
prayer asking for their safety and health every night.

Thank you :)

07-30-02, 04:21 PM

That is very nice of you to offer your prayers. I know that they are much needed by various folks here at various times. It is nice to know that there are people like yourself who care that much for others even though you do not know them. Thank you for caring about us. I for one will certainly take you up on your offer.

Take care and have a nice day.


07-30-02, 04:31 PM
Thank You Marine Sis,
The Lord is shining through you.